How the Paddle On Foundation Helped Jools After Lockdown

In a recent edition of Paddle Pulse, we shared a report about the numerous donations received to the Paddle On Foundation which has helped to support 53 paddlers with their memberships so they can continue paddling. However, beyond just the statistics, we also wanted to share personal insight into the inspiring and heart-warming impact of the Paddle On Foundation.

We hope that the almost 1,000 members who have donated so far will be as touched as we were by Jools’ story and know that your donations are going to a very worthy cause. Thank you to those members and to Jools for sharing her story with us.

Jools back on the water for the first time in years at Geelong Canoe Club.

Just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jools relocated from Melbourne to Geelong. Moving to a new city is never easy, and was made even more difficult when the long Victorian lockdown meant that Jools wasn’t able to establish a social network in Geelong, nor return to Melbourne to visit family and friends.

Social isolation, physical health issues, and financial stresses due to reduced income as a result of COVID-19 started to take a toll on Jools’ mental wellbeing.

Jools knew she was struggling, so when lockdown lifted she thought of ways to bring positive changes into play. A paddler of old, she paid a visit to the Geelong Canoe Club and was overwhelmed with how friendly and helpful everyone was.

The Paddle On Foundation was able to assist with the payment of Jools’ membership and she’s now been back out on the water for a couple of weeks and loving it. Jools is looking forward to paddling helping her to increase her fitness, assisting with her weight loss goals, and to enjoy all the social and wellbeing benefits of being a member of a welcoming club and our united paddling community.

Good luck with everything Jools!

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