Board of Directors

Andrea McQuitty (Appointed as President and Chair 12th November 2016)

Andrea joins Paddle Australia with significant experience in paddling, having been heavily involved in the sport both at a state and national level.

Andrea has served as a Development Officer, Board Member, and Chair of the Slalom and Wildwater Committee for Canoe Tasmania. She was co-organiser of the 2009 Wildwater World Cup, she has been on the organising committee for numerous national championships, all while being a competitor, wildwater coach extraordinaire, mother, Wildside MTB organiser and Cataract Extreme organiser.

Connie Todaro (Appointed as a Director 12th November 2016)

Connie joins Paddle Australia with a background in finance, with corporate experience as a Certified Practising Accountant.

Connie has previously been involved on committees both at a state and national level, including as a Director on the Canoeing Victoria Board and member of the Paddle Australia Nominations Committee. Connie is currently a member of the Paddle Australia Audit and Risk Committee.

Tony Haines (Appointed as a Director 11th April 2017)

Tony joins Paddle Australia with an extensive background in marketing, including consulting on digital commercial and market strategies within the media industry.

Tony is also a member of Paddle Australia’s High Performance Advisory Group.

Cynthia Coward (Appointed as a Director 3rd November 2018)

Cynthia joins Paddle Australia with a background in the development of education, recreation and sport orientated community organisations in Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

An experienced leader of people and culture in community organisations, Cynthia has worked to ensure alignment between strategic intent and operational outcomes. An interest in diversity and inclusion has underpinned her commitment to grow participation in sport, ensuring that sporting activities are accessible to people of all abilities. Cynthia is also a member of Paddle Australia’s Nominations Committee.

Cynthia has served in a range of roles within paddling in Western Australia, including as a technical committee member, race director, team manager, and more recently, President of Paddle WA. Cynthia has been a lifelong participant in recreational paddling across several disciplines.

Lisa Gowthorp (Appointed as a Director 3rd November 2018)

Dr Lisa Gowthorp joins paddle Australia with an extensive background in high performance sport. Lisa is an Assistant Professor of Sport Management at Bond University on the Gold Coast. Prior to her commencement at Bond in 2013, Lisa worked in a range of high performance sports over 12 years, with organisations such as the NSW Institute of Sport, the Australian Institute of Sport and Paddle Australia. Lisa has managed sport teams at the World Championships and was the gymnastics section manager on the Australian Olympic Team in Beijing in 2008.

Lisa’s research interests include the governance and management of the Australian high performance sport system, especially government involvement in sport; sport governance and regulation, sport development, and high performance sport management issues (eg. concussion management, gender and anti-doping). Lisa consults with industry on governance issues and sport policy.

Lisa is currently a Director on the Board of Sport Management Australia and New Zealand (SMAANZ). Previously, Lisa was the Secretary-General of the Sliding Sports Australia (SSA) from 2014 – 2017. Lisa is also a member of Paddle Australia’s High Performance Advisory Group.

Jeremy Moller (Appointed as a Director 5th October 2019)

Jeremy joins Paddle Australia with a background in law. Jeremy has worked in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, bringing specific expertise in the areas of risk management and governance. Jeremy is also a member of the Paddle Australia Audit and Risk Committee.

An experienced board director, particularly interested in the arts and sport, Jeremy is a member of the boards of the Sydney Fringe Festival, the NSW Friends of the Australian Ballet and is a member of the NSW Law Society’s Ethics Committee. Together with this experience, Jeremy has a focus on sports integrity, given his legal practice specialises in financial crime compliance and in particular anti-money laundering.

Previous Board Members

Directors Retired since 1997 (1)

  1. Mr James Hunter – 1st January 1997 – 18th October 1998
  2. Ms Donna Blay – 1st January 1997 – 1st November 1998
  3. Ms Helen Brownlee OAM – 1st January 1997 – 17th October 1999
  4. Mr Martin Finn – 1st January 1997 – 3rd July 2001
  5. Mr Wennie van Lint – 19th October 1997 – 28th October 2001
  6. Mr Peter Tedesco – 5th December 2001 – 15th May 2002
  7. Mr Jon Bisset – 13th January 1997 – 31st October 2002  (2)
  8. Ms Noelene Stevenson – 19th October 2002 – 14th September 2004
  9. Mr Graham Halford – 28th October 2001 – 13th November 2004
  10. Mrs Gai Ness – 10th May 2000 – 12th November 2005
  11. Mr Rick Mingramm – 13th November 2004 – 11th January 2006
  12. Mrs Donna Jones – 12th November 2005 – 17th January 2006
  13. Mr Peter Vandepeer – 18th October 1998 – 31st January 2006
  14. Mr Robin Belcher – 13th February 1999 – 31st January 2006
  15. Mr Greg Kaeding – 1st January 1997 – 31st January 2006
  16. Mr Peter Heeley – 31st January 2006 – 5th April 2007
  17. Mr Justin Quill – 31st January 2006 – 29th April 2007
  18. Mr Ian Muir – 5th April 2007 – 19th March 2008
  19. Mr David Lunn – 29th April 2007 – 25th May 2009
  20. Mrs Shelley Oates-Wilding – 30th July 2008 – 14th November 2009 and 13th January 2010 – 12th May 2010
  21. Mr Jim Murphy OAM – 31st January 2006 – 11th November 2012
  22. Prof Keith Lyons – 14th November 2009 – 17th June 2013
  23. Ms Catherine Ordway – 11th April 2012 – 19th May 2014
  24. Mr James Rennell – (As Independent Director) 2nd July 2009 – 20th June 2014
  25. Mr Robbie Stewart – 15th October 2008 – 25th October 2014
  26. Ms Danielle Woodward – (As President and Chair) 15th November 2008 – 12th November 2016
  27. Mr Martyn Clancy-Lowe – 29th April 2007 – 12th November 2016
  28. Mrs Anita Taylor – 17th March 2015 – 29th May 2017
  29. Mr James Rennell – 25th October 2014 – 5th November 2017
  30. Mr Ian Hume – 25th October 2014 – 3rd November 2018
  31. Ms Janine Wood – 23rd January 2018 – 8th January 2019
  32. Mr Claude Harran – 21st July 2014 – 15th April 2019
  33. Mr Hien Pham – 23rd January 2018 – 15th August 2019
  34. Mr Edward Selby – 23rd January 2018 – 23rd January 2020


(1) Prior to 1st January 1997, Paddle Australia (formerly Australian Canoeing) was governed by a Council and an Executive Council. A Board of Directors was elected with Directors’ terms beginning on the 1st January 1997.
(2) Jon Bisset was an ex-officio Director as a virtue of his appointment as General Manager. Jon ceased to be a Director as a result of a change to the Australian Canoeing Constitution that came into effect on the 1st November 2002. Jon continued to be CEO following this date until the 8th April 2005.