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Paddle Log is an online logbook which is available as an app, making it easy to use for paddlers out and about. It also comes in a desktop version for those who prefer a larger screen.

Paddle Log encourages paddlers to keep their logbook current and the data recorded is suitable for submission to Paddle Australia when applying for or re-registering a PAQS qualification.

Paddle Log also allows users to download details of their PAQS qualifications and be reminded of the expiry date. The log can be exported in a format that can be used as a back-up, manipulated in a desktop spreadsheet program or submitted with an application for PAQS qualifications.

Paddle Log is available on Apple and Android, as well as a desktop version (supported browsers are Chrome and Opera) that can be found at

The benefits of Paddle Log include:

  • Simplified re-registration process of qualifications (only when signed in)
  • Easy alignment of multiple qualifications (only when signed in)
  • Auto point calculation from log entries (only when signed in)
  • Ability to copy, edit and share logbook entries
  • Ability to export and import log for back-up and device transfer 
  • Easy access to award details  (only when signed in)
  • Auto backup of logbook (only when signed in)