We are the recognised national body responsible for the management, co-ordination, development and promotion of paddling in Australia. These responsibilities include the delivery of the very successful canoe sprint and canoe slalom Olympic programs, the delivery of five non-Olympic competitive disciplines (‘wildwater’, ‘freestyle’, ‘marathon’, ‘canoe polo’ and ‘ocean racing’) of the sport as well as the promotion and delivery of canoe safety, education, training and recreation. PA is affiliated to the International Canoe Federation (ICF) and Australian Olympic Committee (AOC).

Specifically, PA’s role is to:
  • Promote competitive and recreational canoeing.
  • Unite the recognised canoe organisations of each State.
  • Issue rules and regulations to be followed in National competitions.
  • Arrange for National Championships and the selection of National Teams and training squads.
  • Recognise canoeing values and the implications on canoeing in recreational and natural resource planning and management.
  • Be a means of liaison between affiliated State Associations.
  • Represent and promote the interests of Members to the International Canoe Federation.
  • Pursue high standards of safety, education and training in all aspects of the sport.

What are the benefits & opportunities that I receive by being an PA registered member?

The following is a summary, highlighting various membership benefits that ensure paddlers can continue to enjoy their paddling freedom and water accessibility. Benefits also include ensuring the rights and interests of affiliated clubs, State Associations and the canoeing community are properly represented.

  • Insurance
  • E-News
  • National Governance & Policy Management
  • ‘Paddle Pal’ Benefits
  • Education / Coaching / Official Training & Accreditation
  • Paddle Australia Qualification Scheme (PAQS)
  • National Technical Committee Support (including Events)
  • AC Website & IT Support (Clubs/ States)
  • Representation at State / Federal Government forums
  • Branding, Marketing & PR
  • Manage Member Database Grants (ASC)
  • Lobby Government Departments /Authorities & Peak Industry Bodies
  • Manage Overseas Team Tours
  • National Team Selection /Representation
  • High Performance Program
  • Manage Disciplinary Proceedings
  • State Member Association Legal Support
  • PA By-Laws & Policies (e.g. Member Protection)
  • Member of the ICF & AOC
  • State Member Association Support /Advocacy
  • ASADA Compliance
  • Customer Service / Enquiries
  • Strategic Direction for the Sport
  • Implement National ProjectsProvide
  • Development Pathways
  • National Canoe Safety Standards Quality
  • Assurance for Events
  • National & International Competition Pathways

Where does my registration fee go?

Your club membership fee is made up of a State Association fee, a national membership fee, and generally a contribution to your club *. This means you have a three-tiered system of support for your paddling activities.

What is the level of insurance coverage and why do I need it?

PA provides insurance cover to all members. Cover includes Public Liability, Personal Accident and Professional Indemnity insurance as well as Public Liability insurance for your club and State Association.

A summary of all of the insurance policies, a Certificate of Currency and inclusions/exclusions can be found under the “Insurance Information” section of the membership menu.