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How to use

Quick Guide to Using PaddleLog

Once you have down loaded the PaddleLog app to your device you are ready to start logging your paddling activities. Below you will find some basic steps to get you started.

How to Videos

Basic operation

Renewing an award

Loading personal details

Press Login or Save Name main screen, enter your PA Education username and password, if you do not hold one enter your name on the line below. Press Verify Login/Save Name.. See the Paddle Log FAQ for information on obtaining your PA Education username and password.

Inserting current awards

Once personal details are saved, press Awards then Refresh Awards. This will retrieve the information on your awards from the PA Education site. Your awards will have either a red, (expired) orange (up for renewal) or green (current) marker to the right of the award name. Those that have expired can be deleted by swiping left and pressing Delete button.

How to log an activity

Press the bottom right hand icon logentry. You will find some sample log entries already in the app. These can be copied, edited and deleted by swiping left on the entry. A new entry can be made by pressing the top right plus icon plus.

How to Import your current logbook

Press the top left icon bars and press Paddle Log Support. Here you will find information on how to populate a CSV file and a sample file you can down load and complete to import back into the PaddleLog app. Once your CSV file is complete and saved to a Cloud file sharing service such as Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive, you can then import the file by pressing the top left icon bars and pressing Import. You have an option to then either replace all entries you currently have in PaddleLog or add to them.

How to Export your logbook

You can export your Logbook to ensure you have a back up, email to PA or to send to a future or current employer. Press the top left icon bars, press Export . Provided you have an email app configured on your device, you will be presented with a dialog to email your logbook. You can change the recipient of the email here.

General info

Your logbook is saved on the device that you have the Paddle log app on. If you delete the app you delete your logbook so it is a good idea to regularly export your log as a backup.

Can I still use Paddle Log if I do not hold a PA award?

Yes, Anyone is welcome to use Paddle Log to help log your paddling activities. You simply enter your name rather than  a PA ID in the personal settings.

How do I find my username and password?

You can request your username and password here 

If you are still unable to locate the required information please email

How do I get a log entry verified?

To verify a log entry you can simply ask a fellow paddler that was on the same activity if you are able to put their name and contact into your Paddle Log entry. PA can then follow up with this paddler if required.

What does it mean if I agree to be a peer reference?

A peer reference is a person that is happy to support a renewal application  and is agreeing that to the best of their knowledge the holders skills and knowledge are still at the award level.

The above document is not viewable via the Paddle Log app through Android devices at this stage.