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Dear Canoe Marathon Community,

Thank you to everyone for your patience while PA, the relevant State Paddle Associations (SPAs), our Canoe Marathon Technical Committee and Local Organising Committees prepared the necessary requirements for the 2022 PA Canoe Marathon Championships. We wish to thank Paddle Queensland (PQld) who have agreed to host this year’s National event.

2022 PA Canoe Marathon Championships
The Gold Coast City Council is acknowledged for its support of the 2022 PA Canoe Marathon Championships scheduled for 21 to 23 April 2022 on the Gold Coast, Queensland.  

The venue will be Lake Coomera (close to several theme parks) on the northern end of the Gold Coast.  

The proposed Standard Course (direction is anti-clockwise) includes:

Canoe Marathon Course 2022

There are no motorised boats on this course except for safety boats. The portage is beach to beach.

The program outline (subject to change) includes:

  • Thursday 21 April – Team Leaders meeting
  • Friday 22 April – Short Course competition (Open and Under 18 Men and Women K1 and C1 only)
  • Saturday 23 April – Standard Course competition – singles
  • Sunday 24 April – Standard Course competition – doubles

Covid Guidelines for Events

The Covid-19 environment is extremely fluid and it is important every person keeps informed and understand the current Federal/State guidelines and recommendations issued by the Government. Please CLICK HERE to see the Paddle Australia Covid Guidelines for Events. Further venue/facility protocols will be published closer to the competition.

All paddlers in age groups Under 12 AND Under 14 classes MUST wear a correctly fitted lifejacket. If a paddler is not a strong or confident swimmer, they should wear a lifejacket. Paddle Australia recommends that all competitors have access to a lifejacket as the Competition Committee may direct all or some to wear life jackets.


2022 Australian Canoe Marathon Teams

Australian Team Selections will be at the 2022 PA Canoe Marathon Championships for the 2022 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships and the 2022 ICF Masters Canoe Marathon World Championships. Both World Championships will be held in Ponte de Lima, Portugal in late September, early October 2022.

To be eligible for selection to a 2022 National Team, athletes must comply with the PA Selection Procedures Policy in particular clause 6, Eligibility. Please CLICK HERE to view the Paddle Australia Selection Procedures Policy. Persons wishing to be part of the National Team will need to be double vaccinated against Covid-19 with a vaccine approved by the relevant Australian authority, including any up-to-date boosters as required. This is in addition to any of the COVID entry requirements to Portugal.

The 2022 Paddle Australia Canoe Marathon Team Selection Criteria Supplement and 2022 Paddle Australia Canoe Marathon Masters Selection Criteria Supplement will be published shortly.

Team Manager

The PACMTC is seeking nominations from persons interested in the role of Team Manager for the 2022 Australian Canoe Marathon Teams. The Team Manager will be required to work with staff at the PA office to coordinate the requirements for the teams.

Please CLICK HERE to submit your expression of interest in a Team Manager role for the 2022 Australian Canoe Marathon Team. The due date for nominations is Friday 25th February.

Marathon Paddler of the Year
The PACMTC resolved not to award the 2021 Marathon Paddler of the Year. This was due to a lack of competitions nation wide, and some States having had more restrictions due to Covid than others. The PACMTC are excited to reignite the 2022 Marathon Paddle of the year at the conclusion of this season.

New ICF Canoe Marathon Competition Rules
Effective 1 January 2022 there have been multiple amendments to the ICF Canoe Marathon Competition Rules.

Whilst a majority have changed to be easier to read and understand there have been other changes. A summary of the changes includes:

  • Removal of the requirement for parts of the hull to be concave
  • Weed deflectors are now permitted 
  • Pumps can only be manually operated
  • Standard distance races 10km with no upper limit
  • Short distance races are 3, 4 and 10km.
  • Boats at World Championships must have athlete’s country code sticker on both sides of the boat
  • Masters at World Championships have two mixed age groups 35 to 49 and 50+
  • Masters in doubles must be from the same country

PA Canoe Marathon Competition Rules
As a result of the new ICF Canoe Marathon Competition Rules the PA Canoe Marathon Competition Rules will also be amended. These are currently subject to approval and will be published in due course.

Yours in paddling,

Paddle Australia and the PACMTC

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