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Dear Canoe Wildwater Community,

As we quickly approach the 2022 PA Canoe Wildwater Championships, PA wishes to thank the Canoe Wildwater Technical Committee, local organising committee and Paddle WA (PWA) for their support and contribution in preparation for this year’s National event.

2022 PA Canoe Wildwater Championships
The 2022 PA Canoe Wildwater Championships will be held from the 6 – 7 of August 2022 in Perth, WA across multiple locations with competitors offered the opportunity to train the day before competition begins (5th August).

With Classic Races scheduled to be held in Posselts Ford in Toodyay and the infamous Bells Rapid Park in Bakersville to be utilised for Sprint Races, the Championships are due to be an action packed return to racing and competition for all Wildwater participants.

2022 PA WildWater Sprint Course
2022 PA Wildwater Championships – Sprint Course
2022 PA Wildwater Championships - Classic Course
2022 PA Wildwater Championships – Classic Course

The Wildwater Championship events in both the Senior and Junior age categories will feature as the main attraction for athletes. Participants wishing to participate in a more social competition will be able to enter into the Sundries events, introduced to facilitate participation for competitors competing in Plastic or composite non-wildwater crafts.

Whilst we welcome paddlers of all skill levels, it is expected that competitors can self assess personal risk based on their own competency and the section of river and it’s associated levels. The race organisers and safety officials reserve the right to withdraw any competitor at any stage of the event if deemed necessary to ensure the competitor’s personal safety.

In accordance with the ICF Rules, all competitors must abide by the rules listed below:

Clause 18.2 Each competitor must wear shoes, a safety helmet with a strap fastened under the chin and a buoyancy jacket (PFD). Both must be in good working condition. The structure, shape or composition of the buoyancy jacket/helmet must not be modified in any way. The products must be from recognised and established manufacturers guaranteeing the quality of material and meeting industry standards.

Clause 18.2.1 A buoyancy jacket (PFD) must comply with the current industry standard that is, EN ISO 12402-5 ( Level 50 ) or any national standard that meets the same requirements and be ICF registered. At a competition the buoyancy jacket’s (PFD) uplift will be tested using a 6.12 Kg calibrated stainless steel weight or its equivalent in other metals. The buoyancy jacket (PFD) manufacturer markings and identification must comply with the EN ISO (or equivalent national standard) standard to allow the control of equipment by ICF officials. This applies to all sizes of buoyancy jacket (PFD) regardless of body weight. Testing process at ICF Races: 1. The buoyancy jacket must be on the ICF equipment register. 1. The buoyancy jacket must not be modified in any way. 2. The buoyancy jacket (PFD) must be EN ISO 12402-5 ( Level 50 ) (or equivalent national standard) approved and carry the appropriate labelling. 3. The buoyancy jacket must float the 6.12kg calibrated stainless steel weight.

Clause 18.2.2 The safety helmet must comply with EN 1385 and be ICF registered. Each helmet shall be marked in such a way that the following information is easily legible for the user, and is likely to remain legible throughout the life of the helmet to allow the checking of the equipment by ICF Officials. Helmet Testing process at ICF Races: 1. The helmet must be on the ICF equipment register. 1. The helmet must not be modified in any way. 2. The number of the European Standard; ICF Wildwater Canoeing Competition Rules 2015 23 3. The name or identification mark of the manufacturer; 4. The date of manufacture; The designation ”Helmet for canoeing and wildwater sports”.

Covid Guidelines for Events
The Covid-19 environment is extremely fluid and it is important every person keeps informed and understands the current Federal/State guidelines and recommendations issued by the Government. Please CLICK HERE to see the Paddle Australia Covid Guidelines for Events. Further venue/facility protocols will be published closer to the competition.

Registrations can be made via the JustGo portal HERE. Registrations close on 30 July, 2022.

2022 Australian Canoe Wildwater Team Tour
Harry Langley and David Burdett debuted on the international competition scene in the 2022 ICF Wildwater Canoe World Championships, held in Treignac, France in early June. Read about David and Harry’s experience in Treignac HERE. 
Following the World Championships, the team traveled to Slovenia for the Celje World Cup, see all results HERE.
David Burdett Harry Langley Wildwater World Champs
2022 PWA Wildwater Season 
The PWA Wildwater season is underway and will culminate with the 2022 PA Canoe Wildwater Championships, the Avon descent and the PWA Wildwater Championships over three action-packed weeks of racing.
Locals like David Worthy, who represented Australia in 1995 at Bala in the United Kingdom, Tokyo 2020 Olympian Jaime Roberts, and Phil Langley, father of Australian Wildwater Team Member, Harry Langley and reigning 2021 Avon Descent Champion in WWK1, will all be looking to make a splash in the upcoming WA Wildwater season.
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