National Level Competitions Update

The month of November has seen some encouraging changes in the COVID-19 situation around Australia. Some travel restrictions are being eased and some limitations on public gatherings are also being re-calibrated, as State Governments adjust to reduced numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases. In that context, Paddle Australia would like to provide a further update on the calendar for National Level Competitions this coming season.

First and foremost, we must acknowledge that the COVID-19 situation remains extremely fluid. Although the situation around the country has improved in recent weeks, we are all aware that things can change incredibly quickly in this environment. Accordingly, this update is provided with the caveat that further revisions to the calendar may be required. The criteria used in determining whether a competition should be postponed or cancelled will remain as previously published on the PA website.

The recommendation of Paddle Australia remains that any travel plans made in order to participate in a Paddle Australia competition should only be made on a fully refundable basis. Unfortunately, participants will not be able to make a claim through PA insurance for any losses sustained as a result of PA postponing or cancelling a competition.   

Paddle Australia is proceeding to work with the various State Paddle Associations and local organisers to deliver a fun, safe and challenging suite of 2021 National Level Competitions.  As it currently stands, the only National Level Competitions to be adversely impacted are as follows:

  • Paddle Australia Canoe Sprint Grand Prix 1: Originally scheduled for Westlakes on the weekend of 11-13 December, this will not proceed as a National Level Competition. A community level event will be held on Saturday 12 December, with paddlers wishing to take part requested to contact
  • 2021 Paddle Australia Wildwater Canoeing Championships: Regrettably, this competition, planned for the New Year period between 1 and 3 January, has been postponed. The Paddle Australia Wildwater Canoeing Technical Committee is considering alternative dates for the competition to take place later in the year.
  • 2021 Paddle Australia Canoe Slalom Championships: Scheduled for Brady’s in Tasmania on 8-10 January, this competition has been cancelled. The reasoning behind this difficult decision can be found here. Please note that while this competition has been cancelled, the 2021 Paddle Australia Canoe Slalom Age Championships are still set to proceed in Eildon, Victoria.

The current version of the calendar for National Level Competitions is as follows:

Competition Date Location
PA Canoe Sprint Grand Prix 1 Cancelled *
PA Wildwater Canoeing Championships Postponed
PA Canoe Slalom Championships Cancelled
PA Canoe Slalom Age Championships 15-17 Jan 2021 Eildon, VIC
Sydney International Whitewater Festival including PA Canoe Freestyle Championships & PA Canoe Slalom Australian Open 12-14 Feb 2021 Penrith Whitewater Stadium, NSW
PA Canoe Sprint Grand Prix 2 19-21 Feb 2021 Sydney International Regatta Centre, NSW
Canoe Slalom Selection Competition 27-28 Feb 2021 Penrith Whitewater Stadium, NSW
PA Canoe Sprint Championships 17-21 Mar 2021 Sydney International Regatta Centre, NSW
PA Canoe Marathon Championships 26-28 Mar 2021 Geelong, VIC
PA Canoe Polo Championships TBC TBC
PA Canoe Ocean Racing Championships TBC TBC

* PA Canoe Sprint Grand Prix 1 is no longer a National Level Competition however a local competition will take place.

Should any further information be required, please contact

Safe paddling and we hope to see you on the water this season.