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2021-2024 Canoe Slalom Categorisation and National Squad Programs

Paddle Australia (PA) is pleased to present the Canoe Slalom Athlete Categorisation Framework for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games Cycle.  The Tokyo Olympic Canoe Slalom...

Paddle Australia Canoe Slalom Recovery Plan for Community Feedback

There are few other paddling disciplines that have been impacted to the level Canoe Slalom has been by the COVID-19 pandemic in the past...

Aussies impress at World Cup Final in Pau

Four Australians flew the flag at the World Cup Final in Pau this weekend, with personal bests broken and medals won. Tokyo Olympic champion Jessica...

Silver linings for Fox at World Cup Final

Jess Fox has finished the ICF World Cup season with a silver medal and second place overall in the women's C1 in Pau, France. The...

Fantastic Fox claims World Cup Crown

JESS FOX continues her golden year taking out the ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup kayak final in France, also winning out the overall World...

Slalom racing is one of two Olympic canoeing disciplines. Racing takes place in singles and doubles (men only), in kayak and canoe (men only) classes. Race are held at local, state and national regattas at junior and senior level, in classes for men, women and veterans.

The first wild water slalom competitions were held in Switzerland in 1933. In slalom competitions each athlete completes two runs of the course on a route with 20 gates suspended over the river.

The competitions are against the clock and the result of each round is obtained by adding the time taken in seconds, and adding the penalties awarded at each gate by a judge. In a normal race, it is the best run of the two that counts.

For big international events there are three rounds, Qualification, Semi-Final and Final. Paddlers get two runs in the Qualification round with their best run counting. The paddlers progressing through to the Semi-Final, where the slate is wiped clean, get one run with top 10 results from the Semi-Final. In the Final, paddlers are ranked in reverse order from their Semi-Final result and again they get one run that determines their final ranking.

The International Canoeing Federation has a long tradition of slalom competitions. They formed part of the programme of the Olympic Games held in Augsburg (Munich, Germany, 1972), La Seu d”Urgell (Barcelona, Spain, 1992), Ocoee (Atlanta, USA, 1996) and in Penrith (Sydney, AUS, 2000). World Championships have been held since 1949.

The World Cup, which was given official status in 1993, is held yearly, and consists of three competitions programmed on at least two continents. The freshness and spectacular nature of wild water competitions always assures wide TV coverage. At the present time there are canoeing federations in 107 countries, including all the major industrialised nationals. Slalom is practised in 45 of these, with France, Germany, Britain, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy and Slovakia leading the way in Europe, and USA, Canada and Australia in the other continents.

High Performance – Canoe Slalom

This page outlines information relating to the Canoe Slalom High Performance Program for Athletes, Coaches and Parents.

Minimum Performance Standards (MPS)

Minimum Performance Standard Explanatory Document – updated shortly

Paddle Australia Athlete Categorisation – Canoe Slalom

2021 – 2024  Athlete Categorisation Policy – Canoe Slalom

2021 National Squads & Programs – Canoe Slalom

2021 Athlete Categorisation

2020 Athlete Categorisation

2019 Athlete Categorisation

National Team Selection – Canoe Slalom

This page has information relating to Canoe Slalom National Teams including selection polices, selection rankings and team announcements 

2021 – Canoe Slalom Selection Polices and Team Announcements

2021 Domestic Competition Season

2021 Canoe Slalom Domestic Competition Season Update 

2021 Canoe Slalom National Championships Update 

2021 Selection Policies

2021 Canoe Slalom World Cup & Championship Team Selection Policy

2021 Canoe Slalom U23 Team Selection Policy

2021 Canoe Slalom Junior Team Selection Policy 

2021 Canoe Slalom National Development Squad 

2021 Team Announcements

2021 Canoe Slalom Announcement – Updated 7 June

2020 – Canoe Slalom Selection Polices and Team Announcements

2020 Selection Policies

2020 Olympic Nomination Policy

2020 Team Selection Policies

2020 Selection Rankings

2020 Team Announcements

2020 Canoe Slalom Team Announcement – Updated 11th March 2020

2019 – Canoe Slalom Selection Polices and Team Announcements

2019 Team Announcement

2019 Team Selection Policies

*Clause 10 has been updated with the inclusion of the CSLX criteria.  No other changes to the policy have been made.

2019 Selection Rankings

2018 – Canoe Slalom Selection Polices and Team Announcements

Minimum Performance Standards (MPS)

2018 Selection Policies 

2018 Selection Rankings 

2018 Team Announcement 

Performance Pathway – Canoe Slalom

This page outlines information relating to the Performance Pathway in Canoe Slalom for athlete, coaches, parents and clubs.

Performance Pathways Updates:

  • Performance Pathway – Canoe Slalom Nov 21 Update

National Performance Pathway Staffing Structure & Contacts – Canoe Slalom

  • National Performance Pathway Staffing Structure & Role Clarity– updated shortly
  • National Performance Pathway Staffing Contact Details– updated shortly

Performance Pathway Framework Documents

  • FTEM : Pathway to Performance
  • Performance Pathway Roadmap – Canoe Slalom– updated shortly
  • National Athlete Pathway Framework (NAPF)– updated shortly

National Development Squad (NDS)

NDS Selection Policies

2021 National Development Squad

2020 National Development Squad Policy 

2019 National Development Squad Policy  

NDS Team Announcements

2020 NDS Team Announcement

2019 NDS Team Announcement

NDS Newsletters

Please click HERE for the NDS Monthly newsletters

Canoe Slalom Competition Calendar:


This page has information relating to Canoe Slalom Domestic and International Competition calendar, including camp activities and whitewater access in Penrith


2020 Competition Calendar

2021 Competition Calendar


Chair – Kate Vyvyan –

Ex-officio Member – Shaun Stephens

Ex-officio Member – Sara Latham

Member – Russell Bassett

Member – Peter Eckhardt

Member – Sue Natoli

Member – Chris Thompson

Member – Chris O’Callaghan

Member – Georgia Rankin

Strategic Plan for Canoe Slalom in Australia

2021 Penrith Open Canoe Slalom Series

Penrith Open  20 – 21 February

Saturday –  C1M K1W K1M C1W

Sunday –    C1M K1W K1M C1W    Extreme

Penrith Open  6 – 7 March

Saturday –  C1M K1W K1M C1W

Sunday –    C1M K1W K1M C1W    Extreme

Penrith Open  13 – 14 March

Saturday –  C1M K1W K1M C1W

Sunday –    C1M K1W K1M C1W    Extreme

2019 Canoe Slalom Junior and Masters Championships

2017 Canoe Slalom Nationals

2015 Canoe Slalom Nationals

2015 Canoe Slalom Schools Nationals

2014 Australian Open

2014 Canoe Slalom Nationals

2014 Canoe Slalom Schools Nationals

2013 Australian Open

2013 Canoe Slalom Nationals

2012 Canoe Slalom Oceania

2012 Australian Open

2012 Canoe Slalom Nationals

2011 Australian Open

2010 Canoe Slalom Nationals


2009 Australian Open

Senior Trophies

Illawarra Trophy
Illawarra Trophy
Peter Grey Trophy
Melbourne Canoe Club Trophy (C1W) Nelson / Songberg Trophy (C2M)
2017 Timothy Anderson Jessica Fox Ian Borrows Jessica Fox Fiebig / Fiebig
2016 Ben Pope Rosalyn Lawrence Christian Fabris Jessica Fox Draper / Anderson
2015 Alistair Anderson Jessica Fox Christian Fabris Rosalyn Lawrence Pope / Jeffery
2014 Lucien Delfour Jessica Fox Robin Jeffery Jessica Fox Jeffery / Hodson
2013 Warwick Draper Rosalyn Lawrence Warwick Draper Jessica Fox Jeffery / Hodson
2012 Will Forsythe Jessica Fox Warwick Draper Jessica Fox Watkins / Eckhardt
2011 Will Forsythe Kate Lawrence Robin Jeffery Rosalyn Lawrence Jeffery / Forsythe
2010 Will Forsythe Kate Lawrence Christian Fabris Jessica Fox Guniea / Guniea
2009 Warwick Draper Sarah Grant Kynan Maley Guniea / Guniea
2008 Anthony Brown

Junior Trophies

NSW Canoeing Inc
Best Performing
The Judy Boocock Trophy
Lawrence Family Trophy
Best Performing
2017 Robert Jeniszewski Kira Wall Lachlan Bassett Alexandria Choate McLaughlan / Shameih
2016 Tristian Carter Nina Meuller Tristian Carter Alexandria Choate Hobbs / Carter
2015 Angus Thompson Nina Meuller Tristian Carter Noemie Fox Fiebig / Fiebig
2014 Angus Thompson Kate Eckhardt Brodie Crawford Noemie Fox Crawford / Lowther
2013 Daniel Watkins Noemie Fox Brodie Crawford Noemie Fox Borojevic / Glaes
2012 Daniel Waktins Jessica Fox Andrew Eckhardt Jessica Fox Watkins / Eckhardt
2011 Alan Robinson Jessica Fox Reilly Edwards Jessica Fox Rajic / Ivkov
2010 Alan Robinson Jessica Fox Adam Rajic Jessica Fox Rajic / Ivkov
2009 Jaxon Merritt Jessica Fox Jaxon Merritt Jessica Fox Rajic / Ivkov

State Trophies

ACAWA Canoes Plus Whitebrook GLW Junior