Paddle Tasmania seek your help as they research options for new Whitewater Facilities

Paddle Tasmania Board member Adam Dickenson is seeking your help to assist in their research. Developing options for new Whitewater facilities in Tasmania is the goal, seeking your input via surveys designed for our Whitewater paddling communities in Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales.

This research will assist in the development of a market & economic feasibility study to understand “How to improve community health and wealth through the construction of engineered whitewater and surfing facilities.”

The following survey links are provided for your input;

Paddle Tasmania have developed the ‘Rapid Surf Tas’ strategy that intends to modify dangerous weirs into ‘wave shapers.’ The result will be a network of rapid surf waves (aka deep-water stationary waves) at nine sites around the island. This will result in over 90% of our population having access to one or more of these sites within a 45-minute drive of their home.

Once implemented, this will be the biggest development in Australian surfing infrastructure since the development of Surf Lakes. These modifications are of significantly lower cost than wave pools and the waves will be free of charge for members of the public to access.

It is also worth noting that the results of this survey will assist Paddle Tasmania lobby our state government and Hydro Tasmania for additional water release down natural rivers such as Cataract Gorge.

The 5 minute survey will be live until Sunday 28th March – please take this opportunity to provide your input.