Clean Up Australia Day this year saw Clubs across NSW roll up their sleeves, donned their gloves and life jackets to collect rubbish that from our waterways and shores lines. The Clubs did an amazing effort in keeping our paddling environment clean.

Some of the outstanding efforts from NSW Clubs and Members included:

– Paddle NSW Members Nigel and Beatrice Weekes collected 5kg of rubbish from the Myall River.

– 21 Lane Cover River Kayak Members collected an outstanding 130kg of rubbish that had found its way into the Lane Cove River and the local area.

– Ten members of the Kayak Central Coast Social Paddle Group cleaned up Fagans Bay, Gosford. The Group collected over 20kgs of rubbish that they piled it into an empty kayak which was towed along as a rubbish barge and disposed of it once back at Gosford Sailing Club.

– Three paddlers from the Macquarie River Paddle Club found quite a lot of old bottles and fish traps that were under the willow trees of West Dubbo Lions Park.

– Members of Western Paddlers NSW joined forces with the Wellington Community Progress and Action Group (WCPAG) in targeting a stretch of the Macquarie River upstream of the town of Wellington. Launching at the low-level crossing on Falls Road. Together the group managed to fill a truck organized by Dubbo Regional Council.

– The Hunter Valley Paddle Sports Club worked hard to clean up the Cockle Creek, with a large amount of rubbish being collected. The Club was astounded by how much rubbish was found in the creek and banks.

– The Shoalhaven Canoe and Kayak Club focused on cleaning up the Bomaderry Creek. The Club collected two bags worth of rubbish and were happy to report that there was little rubbish in the creek.

Paddle Australia and Paddle NSW want to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who took part in Clean Up Australia Day, it has had a huge impact on local areas, as well as raising awareness on pollution problems in our waterways.