ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships Start Today

A team of 18 paddlers will represent Paddle Australia when the 2019 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships start in Shaoxing, China today (17 -20 October 2019).

They will be up against the best marathon paddlers in the world with 38 countries represented in Shaoxing.

Australia’s team features a mix of newcomers and returners to the team with Australian open women’s K1 champion Tegan Frazer (QLD) spearheading the women’s kayak team, while Victorian Reka Abraham returns to the team as the sole representative in the women’s canoe class.

In the men’s events, all eyes will be on the men’s K2 with London Olympian Jesse Phillips (WA) teaming up with Australian Canoe Marathon K1 Champion Joshua Kippin (WA). They will be up against a strong field of 23 boats, including their Victorian team mates Hamish Young and Isaac Johnson, who beat them at the Australian Championships when Phillips and Kippin had to deal with rudder issues and with the pair now keen for a rematch.

Kate and Mike Leverett (VIC) as well as Laura Lee (NSW) join the team after winning their age group K1 events at the Masters Championships earlier in the week. See all masters results here: http://en.worldchampionships2019.net/results.html

The 2019 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships begin in Shaoxing on Thursday, October 17, and run through until Sunday, October 20.

See the event website: https://www.canoeicf.com/canoe-marathon-world-championships/shaoxing-2019

Follow results here: http://shaoxing2019.spotfokus.com

Follow live stream via www.canoeicf.com

Or via ICF – Planet Canoe youtube:

See ICF athlete bios here: https://www.canoeicf.com/canoe-marathon-world-championships/shaoxing-2019/athletes

Paddle Australia Team – 2019 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships

Name (State) Event 1 Event 2 Event 3
Joshua Kippin (WA) MK1 – Short Course K1 K2
Michael Leverett (VIC) MK1 – Short Course
Jesse Phillips (WA) MK2
Isaac Johnson (VIC) MK2
Hamish Young (VIC) U23 MK1 K2
Brendan Clarke (VIC) U23 MK1
Joseph Burton (NSW) U18 MK1 U18 K2
Chad Wiese (WA) U18 MK2
Reka Abraham (VIC) WC1 – Short Course C1
Tegan Fraser (QLD) WK1
Kate Leverett (VIC) WK1 – Short Course K1
Hannah Scott (VIC) WK1 – Short Course U23 K1 K2
Rebecca Mann (VIC) WK2
Laura Lee (NSW) WK2
Naomi Johnson (NSW) WK2
Alana Johnson (VIC) U23 WK1
Emily O’Rourke (VIC) U18 WK1 U18 K2
Madeleine Lamb (VIC) WU18 K2



Thursday 17 October 2019
8:30 10:15 Junior K1 Women
8:33 10:25 Junior C1 Men
10:45 11:05 Short Distance – K1 Women Heat 1
11:10 11:30 Short Distance – K1 Women Heat 2
11:35 11:50 Short Distance – K1 Men Heat 1
11:50 12:05 Short Distance – K1 Men Heat 2
12:45 14:45 Junior K1 Men
12:50 13:00 Award Ceremony – Junior K1 Women, C1 Men
15:15 15:30 Short Distance – C1 Women Final
15:40 15:55 Short Distance – C1 Men Final
16:15 16:30 Short Distance – K1 Women Final
16:40 16:55 Short Distance – K1 Men Final
16:45 16:50 Award Ceremony – Junior K1 Men
16:50 17:10 Award Ceremony – Short Distance
Friday 18 October 2019
8:30  10:10 Junior K2 Women
8:33 10:20 Junior C2 Men
8:36 10:20 Junior C1 Women
10:30  12:30 U23 K1 Women
10:33  12:35 U23 C1 Men
10:35 10:50 Award Ceremony – Junior K2 Women, C2 Men, C1 Women
12:45  14:35 Junior K2 men
12:50 13:00 Award Ceremony – U23 K1 Women, C1 Men
14:45  16:50 U23 K1 Men
14:50 14:55 Award Ceremony – Junior K2 Men
17:00 17:05 Award Ceremony – U23 K1 Men
Saturday 19 October 2019
8:30  10:00 C1 Women
10:00  12:15 C1 Men
10:05 10:10 Award Ceremony – C1 Women
12:30  14:50 K1 Women
12:35 12:40 Award Ceremony – C1 Men
15:00  17:15 K1 Men
15:05 15:10 Award Ceremony – K1 Women
17:15 17:20 Award Ceremony – K1 Men
Sunday 20 October 2019
8:30  10:50 C2 Men
11:15 13:30 K2 Women
11:20 11:25 Award Ceremony – C2 Men
14:15 16:35 K2 Men
14:20 14:25 Award Ceremony – K2 Women
16:40 16:45 Award Ceremony – K2 Men
17:00 Closing Ceremony

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