Myriam Fox

Myriam Fox, a trailblazer and a driving force behind gender equity in paddling, earns her rightful place in the Hall of Fame for her remarkable contributions to the sport. Her journey has been marked by advocacy and dedication for equality in sport, culminating in significant milestones for Canoe Slalom.

As an athlete, Myriam won an Olympic bronze medal, 2 individual and 5 team World Championships for France and as a coach she has supported Australian athletes at five Olympic Games. However, one of Myriam’s most iconic achievements was her pivotal role in developing Women’s C1 in Australia, contributing to the introduction of the event into the Olympic program for Tokyo 2020. Her advocacy and relentless efforts resulted in a historic moment for women in the sport. The inaugural Olympic title was fittingly claimed by her daughter and accomplished athlete, Jess Fox. This achievement not only symbolized a proud family legacy but also elevated the profile of Canoe Slalom in Australia.

Jess Fox’s success has undeniably shone a bright light on the sport, but Myriam Fox sees even greater opportunities on the horizon. With participation in Canoe Slalom on the rise, and Australia set to host the 2025 World Championships in Sydney and the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the future looks promising. Myriam’s vision for the sport extends far beyond individual achievements; she envisions a thriving and inclusive community of paddlers.

Myriam’s impact extends beyond the Olympic stage. Over more than two decades, she has served as a coach with Paddle Australia, nurturing and guiding generations of paddlers from their early pathways to Olympic podiums. Her mentorship and coaching expertise have been instrumental in shaping the careers of numerous athletes.

Recognizing her broad and enduring contributions to the sport, Myriam Fox was awarded the IOC Coaches Lifetime Achievement Award in 2022. This prestigious accolade reflects her significant influence on paddling, not only in Australia but also on a global scale.

Myriam Fox’s legacy stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to gender equity and the growth of Canoe Slalom. Her pioneering spirit and dedication have left an indelible mark, and her induction into the Hall of Fame is a well-deserved recognition of her outstanding contributions to the sport. As the sport continues to evolve and thrive, Myriam’s impact will continue to resonate in the paddling community for generations to come.