Winners Crowned at 2024 Canoe Slalom Age Championships

Hosted from January 5-7, the 2024 Canoe Slalom Age Championships saw talented paddlers from around Australia converge on the Goulburn River in Eildon, Victoria, for a long weekend of camaraderie and competition.

Despite the wild weather, an array of races saw Age Group Champions crowned across Canoe Slalom and Kayak Cross.

Victorian local Georgie O’Callaghan had a stellar weekend that saw her win both the U23 C1 and K1 Age Group Championship titles, starting her 2024 season on a high.

From Melbourne Canoe Club, O’Callaghan was stoked to return to Eildon for some competitive racing.

“Eildon is a fantastic course, I’m a little bit biased and would actually go so far as to say that it’s the best course in Australia, it being one of my home courses from when I was 13 years old,” said O’Callaghan.

“It was great to see a big Nationals again, we haven’t seen that in a couple of years. Great to see everyone come back, compete together and have everyone around,” she finished.

Also from Melbourne Canoe Club, Riley Galea won the MK1 U23 Age Group title with the fastest run of the day across all divisions.

Declan Ellis from Big River Canoe Club won the U23 MC1 Age Group title before backing it up with a second win in the MC2 division alongside Dominic Curtis from Western Sydney Whitewater Club.

“My first run was solid but I had a touch. I managed to find a bit of time on my second run, there was a pretty tricky wave cross in there that I improved on, so that was good,” said Ellis.

“It’s a really nice venue here, there’s a massive feature and some strong lines and really good facilities as well, so it’s been a great experience all round,” he said.

Padde Australia extends its heartfelt thanks to all event organisers, volunteers, coaches and judges for their hard work and commitment to the Championships and to the Australian paddle community.

A full list of results from the 2024 Canoe Slalom Age Championships can be found online here.


2024 Age Champions

MC1 U14 – Toby Watkins (DCC)

MC1 U16 – Fergus Page-Brown (DCC)

MC1 U18 – Hunter Florisson (AKC)

MC1 U23 – Declan Ellis (BRCC)

MC1 Veteran – Warwick Draper (MCC)

MC1 Vintage – Robert McConnell (MCC)


WC1 U14 – Madeline Boocock (DCC)

WC1 U16 – Kate Delaney (BRCC)

WC1 U18 – Codie Davidson (WSWC)

WC1 U23 – Georgie O’Callaghan (MCC)

WC1 Open – Alexandra Zarb (WSWC)


MK1 U12 – Alex Xu (MCC)

MK1 U14 – Munro Macqueen (DCC)

MK1 U16 – Rhys Macrae (AKC)

MK1 U18 – James Stamp (MCC)

MK1 U23 – Riley Galea (MCC)

MK1 Open – Alastair Anderson (MCC)

MK1 Masters – Tom Howard (BRCC)

MK1 Veteran – Warwick Draper (MCC)

MK1 Vintage – Robert McConnell (MCC)


WK1 U14 – Madeline Boocock (DCC)

WK1 U16 – Abigail Watson (CPRT)

WK1 U18 – Sarah Crosbee (MCC)

WK1 U23 – Georgie O’Callaghan (MCC)

WK1 Open – Nina Mueller (AKC)

WK1 Masters – Jen Boocock (MCC)

WK1 Veteran – Michelle Delaney (BRCC)

WK1 Vintage – Marlene Davey (DCC)


MC2 U14 – Oliver George & Jye Deaves

MC2 U16 – Matthew Delaney & Luke Delaney 

MC2 U18 – Josh Fraser & James McLaughlan 

MC2 U23 – Declan Ellis and Dominic Curtin

MC2 Veteran – Brian Cork & Peter Menzies 

MC2 Vintage – Gary Nelson & Kevin Songberg


WC2 U14 – Lara Wylie & Khloe Schwarzer

WC2 U18 –  Ada Mackie & Emily Hogbin-Bourne

WC2 Open – Nina Mueller & Isabella Florisson 


MXC2 U14 – Tom Billaut & Toby Watkins

MXC2 U18 – Olivia Oates & Luca Thavarasah

MXC2 U23 – FAELIS Luca Faelis & Jasmin Muir

MXC2 Veteran – Justin Boocock & Jen Boocock

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