Canoe Polo Teams Announced for Oceania Tour

With the 2023 Oceania Canoe Polo Championships fast approaching, Paddle Australia are proud to announce a strong squad that will travel to New Zealand for the continental competition.

Playing across seven teams, those named also include nine coaches who will guide their athletes through the four day competition from December 7-10 in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Coach of the U21 and U18 Men’s teams, Matthew Schar says the Oceania tour is a significant opportunity for the sport of Canoe Polo in Australia.

“The Oceania Championships is a great opportunity for players and coaches to gain international experience outside of World Championships. Canoe Polo is a strong, quickly developing sport in New Zealand, and the chance to play against their teams in a purpose built venue will really benefit our teams,” said Schar.

“We love competing against the Kiwis but on the International level we are the biggest supporters of one another. We often travel and train in the same locations and always make an effort to cheer each other on, so it will be great to continue developing that relationship,” the South Australian finished.

Thomas King Koi, captain of the U21B team, notes the Oceania tour will provide the squad with a fantastic opportunity to learn and refine their skills.

“Oceania is the highlight of the competitive season for a lot of our players. The New Zealand team is always strong and our players always gain a lot from opposing them,” said King Koi.

“Our main goal is to develop players for the ICF Worlds in 2024. Our squad is currently training to send a team in all divisions, so to play competitively against international teams will be fantastic, especially for the younger players that are coming through as the next generation.”

Senior Men’s Team

  • Darragh Downey
  • James DuBose
  • Adam Hofmeyer
  • Tim Maier
  • Will Polley
  • Jack Quinn
  • Jack Steel
  • Anton Holmes (Coach)

Senior Women’s Team

  • Nikki Brennan
  • Michelle Carr
  • Laura Kleinrahm
  • Alana Pacholke
  • Judy Pacholke
  • Jane Stephenson
  • Anna Thompson
  • Siobhan Goble (Coach)
  • Bec Jennings (Coach)

+45 Men’s Team

  • DJ DuBose
  • James Parks
  • Don Steel
  • Guy Stephens
  • Ricky Belisle
  • Tim Llewellyn
  • David Peters

U21 Men’s A Team

  • Luke Barrable
  • Matthew Gates (Senior Reserve)
  • Alistair Graham
  • Darcy Renouf
  • Sean Reid (Senior Reserve)
  • Frederick Sands
  • Alex Trewartha
  • Matthew Schar (Coach)
  • Michael Thompson (Coach)

U21 Men’s B Team

  • Jethro Bates
  • Oliver Hewlett-Smith
  • Julian Howes
  • Ethan James
  • Thomas King Koi (U21 A Reserve)
  • Daniel Morris
  • Cole Polley
  • Liam Warriner (U21 A Reserve)
  • Matthew Schar (Coach)
  • Michael Thompson (Coach)

U21 Women’s Team

  • Caitlin Kitto
  • Emily Zoitsas
  • Trista Barclay
  • Jessica Roe
  • Emelia Green
  • Vivian Mauderer
  • Abbey Steel
  • Steph Agnew (Coach)
  • Judy Pacholke (Coach)

U18 Men’s Team

  • Jethro Bates
  • Oliver Hewlett-Smith
  • Julian Howes
  • Elliott Loader-Chown
  • Campbell Loader-Chown
  • Kobi Mauderer
  • Daniel Morris
  • Matthew Schar (Coach)
  • Michael Thompson (Coach)

U18 Women’s Team

  • Em Campbell
  • Hannah Cochrane
  • Beth Hewett
  • Cerys Jones
  • Matilda Milewska
  • Edwina (Edie) Simpson
  • Sarah Alexander (Coach)
  • Duncan Cochrane (Coach)
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