Back-to-back Avon Descent wins for Ben Carrick

Perth’s Ben Carrick achieved the fastest solo paddle in the 50th Avon Descent.

Ben completed the gruelling 124-kilometre, 2-day marathon in just over 9 and a half hours paddling in the single kayak class. This is second win for Ben, who also took out fastest solo honours in 2022.

Noah Boldy and Jesse Phillips, who completed the event in a relay team of two, were officially the first over the line for the 50th event.

Up-and-coming junior paddler Sarah Major was the fastest solo female paddler to complete the 2023 Avon Descent, coming in just over 13 hours.

Sarah has represented Australia in Junior Sprint and as a 16-year-old, was selected for Marathon Junior Worlds in 2022. Sarah is balancing her love of paddling with completing her final year of high school. 

The 10 horsepower Sports Class of the power craft section was won by the M2 Technology team of Michael Prosser and Justin Green.

Since its inaugural start in 1973, the iconic Western Australian event has attracted thousands of participants who have taken on the 124km multisport, white water river race from Northam to Bayswater.

One of a kind, the Avon Descent has been a regular fixture on the WA water sport calendar since the 1973 event providing thrills and spills for participants and spectators alike.

Mores than 500 competitors took part in the 2023 Avon Descent in a variety of course options, including the full 124km ultra marathon, short 50km day 1 option and the 13km Bond to Bayswater Belter on day 2.

The Avon Descent Festivals were held over the course of the main event weekend, where spectators and community members soaked up the atmosphere and excitement of the event. 

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Single Marathon Kayak

  1. Ben CARRICK 450 Single Marathon Kayak
  2. Luke DOOLEY 343 Single Marathon Kayak
  3. Travis ENGLAND 323 Single Marathon Kayak
  4. Kelby MURRAY 359 Single Marathon Kayak
  5. Andrew MOWLEM 385 Single Marathon Kayak
  6. Peter TOMCZAK 384 Single Marathon Kayak

Single Open Ski

  1. Byron ALBERTSEN 374 Single Open Ski
  2. Paul WATERS 304 Single Open Ski
  3. Jay VIDLER 305 Single Open Ski
  4. Michael SWAIN 319 Single Open Ski
  5. Gary CARTHEW 337 Single Open Ski
  6. Darren ALLSOPP 330 Single Open Ski

Fastest solo female

  1. Sarah MAJOR 533 Single Open Ski
  2. Marjan STOLTE 355 Single Open Ski
  3. Isabel COMBE 371 Single Wildwater Kayak

Double Kayak

  1. Wildwater Duo 459 Double Marathon Kayak
  2. 2xSemi’s 465 Double Marathon Kayak
  3. Team Margodore 452 Double Marathon Kayak

Double ski

  1. Kingford 467 Double Open Ski
  2. Zades Descent 462 Double Open Ski

Ocean racer

  1. Wes GOULD 320 Ocean Racer Single
  2. James DUNCAN 338 Ocean Racer Single
  3. Cimon ALBERTSEN 399 Ocean Racer Single

Recreational Paddle Single

  1. Wayne MARTIN 363 Recreational Paddle Single
  2. Grant PEPPER 324 Recreational Paddle Single
  3. Warren SOUTHWELL 301 Recreational Paddle Single

Recreational Paddle Double

  1. Derek KLOMPMAKER 464 Recreational Paddle Double
  2. Austin RUSSELL 461 Recreational Paddle Double

Single Wildwater Kayak

  1. Phil EDWARDS 334 Single Wildwater Kayak
  2. Kieran SIMPSON 393 Single Wildwater Kayak
  3. Phill LANGLEY 325 Single Wildwater Kayak

Team of 2

  1. Dad Strength X Bold Beast 496 Team of 2
  2. Perth Paddlers 492 Team of 2
  3. Team Broken 485 Team of 2

Team of 2 – fastest female team

  1. Glass And A Half 486 Team of 2

Team of 4

  1. Roy Hill Olympians Challenge Team 522 Team of 4
  2. Crcc Cronies 514 Team of 4
  3. Team Cob 523 Team of 4

Team of 4 – fastest female team

  1. Komatsu Paddle Chicks 512 Team of 4

10hp Sports

  1. M2 Technology 7
  2. 190 Racing Team 190
  3. The 144 Boys 144

10hp Standard

  1. Team Global Express 23
  2. The Generals 286
  3. Uniquip Racing 218

10hp Super Standard

  1. Skinoff Racing (174)
  2. Collings Marine Racing Team (136)
  3. Team 029 (029)

Mini Jet

  1. Boat 247 (247)
  2. Sdf Minijets (075)
  3. Team Revive Drip Hydration (080)
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