Ryan Hughes

Name: Ryan Hughes
DOB: 29/08/03
National team: Senior
Hometown: Warburton
Current place of residence: Warburton
Club: MCC

How did you get into paddling? Through my parents.
What has been your biggest accomplishment in the sport so far? 2019 WW junior team
What keeps you busy outside of paddling? Gym and hanging with the boys.
Who has been the greatest influence on your career? Warwick Draper
How would your best friend describe you? Pretty chilled out, a little bit wild.
Do you have any superstitions before a race? The last song I listen to has to be Passiona by The Smith Street Band
What is your favourite course to paddle on? Prague
Previous National Teams: Junior Team; 1019

Instagram: ryan_hughes47
Facebook page: Ryan Hughes

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