Robert Janiszewski

Name: Robert William Janiszewski
DOB: 23/09/2000
National team: Senior
Hometown: Melbourne
Current place of residence: Carlton, Melbourne
Club: Melbourne Canoe club
Nickname: Rob dog, flow

How did you get into paddling? Did it in year 4 at a school camp and loved it. From
there I bought a plastic kayak 3 months later and started learning how to paddle!
What has been your biggest accomplishment in the sport so far? Last years under
23 world champs I finished 13th in the sprint and 14th in classic
What keeps you busy outside of paddling? University and work, currently studying
construction management at RMIT and work as a labourer
Who has been the greatest influence on your career? My friends and family would
be the biggest influence, always encouraging and pushing me to the next level and
their support has been the defining difference in my career
How would your best friend describe you? Adventurers and fun
Do you have any superstitions before a race? None
What is your favourite course to paddle on? Ivrea
Previous National Teams: Junior Team; 2017. U23 Team; 2019. Senior Team; 2019

Instagram: @yanazoowski

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