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Paddle Prep has been designed for all paddlers: from those who are new to paddle sports to those that are already hooked on this great lifelong activity.

The objective of Paddle Prep is to provide guidance and education on safety matters to encourage paddlers to develop their skills, knowledge and experience safely while having fun on the water.

On Paddle Prep, you can:

  • Discover ‘top tips’ before going paddling
  • Watch a demonstration of paddle strokes and rescues
  • Search for places to go paddling around Australia
  • Prepare, save and email your trip intentions to a friend
  • Find weather, tides, swell and river levels for your paddling location
  • Research what equipment you may need for your type of paddling
  • Find equipment lists for day and overnight trips
  • Search for national and state paddling and maritime organisations
  • Search for training providers and Paddle Australia Instructors

Paddle Prep is available on Apple and Android. There is also a desktop version which can be found at