Qualifications and awards that can be used across multi disciplines.

Paddle Australia Assessors are appointed for a period of three (3) years. These people are instructors in their own right who have additional experience and an ability to judge the standards of paddlers.

ASSESSORS can instruct and ASSESS for all level of qualifications upto the level of qualification they hold

To become an Assessor, an instructor must hold the flat, white or sea kayak instructor qualification for at least three years and comply with criteria which can be found here.

To then run an assessment program for a leadership qualifications an Assessor must work in combination with a State Paddle Association.

This qualification is designed for Flatwater and Sea Guides or Instructors leading groups of paddlers on Grade 1 water that is clearly moving and has hazards such as strainers and a degree of risk, but less than that of a Grade 2 river.

This qualification is an endorsement that can be gained when a leadership award is already held. This endorsement enables leaders to run overnight camping programs