Who: A basic skills award can be delivered by any PA qualified Leader (Supervisor, Guide, Instructor).The program is an introduction for people who wish to learn to paddle either a kayak or a canoe on inland waterways. The course programme is designed with the aim of giving you the confidence to enjoy the excitement and challenge of paddling. You will be shown and have time to practice the basic paddle strokes for moving your craft safely and efficiently.  While this course is intensive, it is not physically demanding. As the course is practically oriented, most of the course time will be spent paddling and practising paddle strokes.

Course Duration: 4 hours – 1 days

Pre requisites: NIL

What Craft: You need to determine which craft you will be assessed in, as the qualification is craft specific.

Equipment: It is expected that participants will supply their own equipment including craft, life jackets, paddles etc. However if you do require equipment please contact your local provider.


  • Practical: Completed through the training/assessment day

Program enrollment: All current programs can be found here. If there is not one in you area or would like to organise a program for a group, please contact your local State Paddle Association. or a local PA paddle leader here

What will you learn: What you will learn and be assessed on can be found in the Assessment Guidelines below.