2024/25 PA Membership benefits and fees

Paddle Australia and our six State Paddle Associations are gearing up for the 2024/25 paddling season, with membership renewals for a vast number of members due to kickoff from 1 June 2024.

As a member of a Paddle Club, you are part of a united paddling community, supported by your State Paddle Association and Paddle Australia. There is so much to love about paddling, and many great benefits of paddling like being on the water, in nature, fitness, fun and social connection are all increased when you paddle with your Club!

Being a Club member also brings other benefits that you might not notice… until they are needed! As a member, you are covered by 24/7 worldwide personal accident and public liability insurances and protections under the National Integrity Framework. You are also able to enter events, access development pathways, qualified coaches and the Paddle Australia Qualification Scheme, as well as benefit from advocacy for our waterways and water quality.  To find out more about the benefits of being a member, watch this video.  

As a member, you also contribute to, and benefit from, the many varied services your Club receives as a result of being affiliated to Paddle Australia and your State Paddle Association.  These things often go unnoticed, but your Club wouldn’t exist without them.   Speak to your Club President or Secretary to find out more.

In line with the PA Membership Fee Review Policy a CPI based increase will be applied.  As such, the PA membership fees for the 2024/25 paddling season will be as follows, effective from 1 June 2024:

  • Senior – increasing $2 from $45 to $47
  • Junior – increasing $1 from $22.50 to $23.50
  • Senior Single Event Non-Member Fee – increasing $2 from $22 to $24
  • Junior Single Event Non-Member Fee – increasing $1 from $11 to $12

State Paddle Associations will also communicate their 2024/25 membership fees to members.

We look forward to being with you on the water again during the 2024/25 paddling season!

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