Top 5 Must-Do Activities in Fremantle during the 2023 ICF Canoe Ocean Racing World Championships

Fremantle, a vibrant port city near Perth, Western Australia, is gearing up to host the 2023 ICF Canoe Ocean Racing World Championships. While you’re here for the thrilling races, make the most of your time with these top 5 must-do activities:

  1. Explore the Historic Fremantle Prison: Delve into history by touring this UNESCO World Heritage-listed site. The prison offers eerie tunnels and gripping tales of convicts, making it a must-visit for history buffs.
  2. Visit the Fremantle Markets: Immerse yourself in the local culture at this iconic marketplace. From artisan crafts to delectable food, the Fremantle Markets offer a kaleidoscope of sights and flavours.
  3. Relax at Bathers Beach: Unwind on the pristine Bathers Beach, known for its tranquil shores and mesmerising sunsets. A perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or a swim.
  4. Discover the Maritime Museum: Dive into the maritime history of Western Australia at the WA Maritime Museum. Interactive exhibits and a replica tall ship bring the past to life.
  5. Savour Seafood at Fishing Boat Harbour: Sample fresh seafood at the bustling Fishing Boat Harbour. Indulge in a variety of culinary delights while enjoying stunning waterfront views.

With these thrilling activities in Fremantle, your visit to the 2023 ICF Canoe Ocean Racing World Championships promises to be an unforgettable experience. Make sure to take a break from the races and immerse yourself in the charm of this coastal gem.

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