Paddle Australia is pleased to share with the paddling community the new High Performance Program Strategic Plan.

The new plan outlines horizons for implementation through to 2032, aligns key themes across global sporting system trends as well as the broader Australian HP2032+ Sport System Strategy currently in design.

Working collaboratively within sport and system, the High Performance Program Plan outlines strategies and priorities that purposefully “support Australia’s athletes to become the world’s best paddlers and people”.

Paddle Australia’s National Performance Director, Kim Crane, said the plan’s vision is to create a united high performance program striving for excellence as one team.

“We will not shy away from the fact that this high performance plan is about winning when it matters, but for us it’s about more than just medals. We take care and pride in who our athletes are as people both on and off the water,” said Crane.

“Success will be measured not only by those who stand on the podium, but through our ability to unlock the potential of our people (athletes, coaches and staff) both inside and outside of sport and how they inspire our sport and broader communities.

“Across disciplines, throughout our Olympic and Paralympic programs, Team Australia shares a common goal to wear the green and gold with pride and celebrate success on and off the water. We ‘win well’ which can be seen in how we train, play and live as well as understanding that wellbeing is critical for success” she said.

Paddle Australia’s plan requires a long-term view through to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, with clear anchor points along the way to stop and review, as well as maintaining flexibility to pivot according to an ever changing landscape of global shifts, developing systems, technologies and innovations.

With the start of the green and gold runway, Paddle Australia’s mission across the next three Olympic and Paralympic cycles is clear:

  1. Transforming our strategy, culture and structure towards Paris 2024
  2. Elevating and stabilising our program and pathways to build on the success for LA 2028
  3. Sustaining success by creating long lasting legacy for Brisbane 2032 and beyond.

At the core of the plan is our elite athletes, however Crane said “the team around the team” are vital in order to achieve results on and off the water.

“Our culture empowers our coaches and performance staff to lead collectively by coaching, challenging and creating an environment built on foundational values of collaboration, inclusiveness, transparency and excellence and I’m so proud of how the athletes and staff have committed to the program’s transformational change in 2022.

“Achieving our vision cannot be delivered by Paddle Australia alone and that is why we are committed to working in partnership with our stakeholder network including the International Canoe Federation, the Australian Institute of Sport, the State Institutes and State Academies of Sport, the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) and Paralympics Australia (PA), States Affiliates, Federal /State Government agencies, local councils, Paddle Australia clubs, universities, business and corporates, and members” she said.

Paddle Australia CEO Phil Jones said with millions of people enjoying Australia’s iconic waterways each year, Paddle Australia’s athletes have a unique role to play in helping inspire everyday people to be active and have a go.

“There is often a question over how much influence performance has over interest in participation. Winning alone is not enough.

“The performance of athletes and importantly the values they represent, both within and outside the sport, not only inspire a new generation of athletes, but also encourage more Australians to have a go and join a growing community who stay active and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits that paddling offers, all whilst exploring Australia’s beautiful and diverse waterways.

“We are extremely proud of our High Performance Program, our athletes and staff who commit purposefully to its clear direction.”

Download the Paddle Australia High Performance Program Strategic Plan (short version) HERE.

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