Provisional 2020/21 National Competition Calendar

1 Introduction

1.1 The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption to paddling events around the world. In Australia, our paddle clubs have been closed and all competitions cancelled, including several National Championships that were scheduled to be held in the first six months of 2020.

1.2 We are now seeing some easing of restrictions and there are plans for clubs to begin reopening on a limited basis. Obviously, it is not yet clear when interstate borders will reopen and travel around Australia will recommence on a more normal basis.

1.3 Paddle Australia appreciates and welcomes the fact that many paddlers are keen to start making plans to compete once again, testing skills and importantly reconnecting with old friends and rivals. Accordingly, we have decided to publish our provisional 2020/21 National Competition Calendar covering the various disciplines for which PA is responsible.

1.4 There remains a lot of uncertainty and at this stage, none of the planned competitions can be finally confirmed. We all hope that a full schedule of National Competitions will take place this summer, commencing in mid-December 2020. Our intention is that by publishing the dates and venues below, paddlers can start making general arrangements for their attendance, locking in these plans once the competitions can be confirmed.

1.5 Paddle Australia acknowledges the diligent work of our various Discipline Technical Committees in pulling together the calendar below and continuing to plan these competitions in very difficult circumstances.

1.6 Paddle Australia’s Provisional 2020/21 National Competition Calendar is as follows:

Competition Date Location
PA Canoe Sprint Grand Prix 11 11-13 Dec 2020 West Lakes, SA
PA Wildwater Canoeing Championships1 1-3 Jan 2021 Mitta Mitta, VIC
PA Canoe Slalom Championships2 8-10 Jan 2021 Brady’s, TAS
PA Canoe Slalom Age Championships2 15-17 Jan 2021 Goulburn, VIC
Sydney International Whitewater Festival including PA Canoe Freestyle Championships1 12-14 Feb 2021 Penrith Whitewater Stadium, NSW
PA Canoe Sprint Grand Prix 21 19-21 Feb 2021 Sydney International Regatta Centre, NSW
PA Canoe Sprint Championships1 17-21 Mar 2021 Sydney International Regatta Centre, NSW
PA Canoe Marathon Championships1 26-28 Mar 2021 Geelong, VIC
PA Canoe Polo Championships3 TBC TBC
PA Canoe Ocean Racing Championships3 TBC TBC

1: Provisional – to be confirmed ASAP
2: To be reviewed at the end of July 2020, with an updated thereafter
3: Date and venue yet to confirmed

1.7 All the competition dates and venues outlined above are subject to change at any time. Paddle Australia strongly recommends that at this stage any travel and/or accommodation bookings are only made on the basis that a full refund can be obtained in the event of cancellation. We note that Paddle Australia’s insurance will not cover the costs of cancellation of travel and/or accommodation if a Paddle Australia scheduled competition cannot go ahead on the proposed date at the selected venue.

1.8 Paddle Australia and the Discipline Technical Committees will continue to review the situation on a regular basis. Announcements will be made on the PA website as new information comes to hand. A further update can be expected on or around 31 July 2020 on the Paddle Australia website summarising the situation at that time.

1.9 If you have any questions on the 2021 National Competition Calendar, please contact Courtney McMillan ( We thank you for your patience while Paddle Australia seeks to confirm arrangements for the coming season.

Phil Jones

Paddle Australia – (21st May 2020) – PDF Version available here


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