Olympians Encourage Aussies to Achieve a New Goal by Olympic Day

As athletes all over the world are reassessing their Olympic goals, Olympians are encouraging Australians to set their own personal goal to achieve by Olympic Day, 23 June.

From juggling to learning an instrument or trying a new sport, Australian Olympians are pushing themselves outside their comfort zone – and supporting all Australians to join them in achieving their own #OlympicDayGoals. 

Olympic Day is an international celebration developed to promote healthy and active lifestyles, with Olympians around the world celebrating the theme of “Move, Learn, Discover”. 

For 2020, Olympic Day has taken on new significance for Australian athletes, who are adapting to a delayed Olympic dream and separation from teammates and normal training environments.

AOC CEO Matt Carroll said Olympic Day is an opportunity to celebrate what Australians love about the Olympics. 

“Sport has such a positive effect for health and social connection,” Mr Carroll said. “Together we are coming through these difficult times, and Olympic Day this year highlights the need for the Olympic values of excellence, friendship, respect and solidarity, more than ever.

“Australians come together every two years to support the Australian Summer and Winter Olympic Teams and Olympic Day is a chance to appreciate what unites us 

“This year, rather than entering final preparations a month out from the Tokyo Olympics, athletes are adapting to working out at home, connecting to teammates by video and coming to terms with a delay to what is a lifelong dream. 

“Our Olympians and athletes aspiring to make their Olympic debut have shown incredible resilience, ingenuity and optimism as they reset their goals – and this June we’re encouraging Australians to join in and set themselves a new goal to achieve by Olympic Day.”

Goal-setting cards, social assets, an Olympic Day activity planner of ideas and challenges and additional school resources are available here, to inspire creative goals and challenge Australians in the leadup to Olympic Day.

For Rio 2016 Olympian and Tokyo 2020 selected kayaker Alyce Wood, #OlympicDayGoals offers an opportunity to push herself outside her comfort zone.

“Despite not having a musical bone in my body, I’m challenging myself to learn to play the ukulele and belt out a full song with vocals by Olympic Day,” Wood said. 

“My dad and brother play the guitar and I’ve always wanted an excuse to join in the family jam sessions – this is a great time to try something new and enjoy testing myself outside of my boat. 

“I don’t like to do things in halves and always go full speed. As athletes we’re always impatient, we want things done yesterday, but with a new goal I need to have some patience. 

“I think you can grow the most if you push yourself outside of your comfort zone – I feel like I’m an expert on my boat, but I know nothing about a ukulele. To give that a crack, I have to let down the barriers and let people in to give their insight. 

“For anyone out there setting your own Olympic Day goal – pick something you’ll find enjoyment in and surround yourself with that enjoyment, both the successes and the failures. I’ll be on Facetime with my family, [husband] Jordan having a good laugh, reaching little goals and finding the joy in it. “

With Alyce and Jordan Wood both selected for Tokyo 2020, setting goals and adapting to fluctuating circumstances has been a key part of adapting to the delayed Games.

“If you set a goal you can then create a clear path to get there, otherwise you’re just wandering.  If you have that end goal set, you can change directions, go backwards, see what works, and come back to your goal without ever getting lost,” Alyce said.

“At the end of the day, my overall goal for Tokyo hasn’t changed, only the timeline has. I’m flipping it to a positive to see it as a really good reset.” 

If her goal to belt out a full song on the ukulele by 23 June doesn’t quite go to plan, Wood knows she can always rely on some help from a teammate to get her through.

“Josie Bulmer (canoeist and fellow Tokyo 2020 selected athlete) has a great voice – even if I can’t nail singing while playing, I can call on Josie to help me reach my goal and do vocals while I play. I’m sure anyone listening will appreciate that too!”


Find out more about #OlympicDayGoals at www.olympics.com.au/olympic-day-2020.

Pledge your own goal on social media, tagging #OlympicDayGoals and @AUSOlympicTeam as well as @auspaddleteam, and encourage your family and friends to set their own goals to achieve by 23 June.

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