One of the great things about paddling is that it allows us to build connections with like-minded people locally, across the country and around the world. 

In this edition of Paddle Pulse we highlight what can be achieved at the local level (through community based waterway clean ups), how Australia can take on the world (with results from the last selection event for our Tokyo Paralympics aspirants), and how wide the paddling world can be (by introducing the new Paddle100 initiative to judge the best paddling spots on the planet).  We love being part of a united paddling community, and we hope you enjoy these stories.

Also read on for exciting news about the ICF decision regarding the hosts for the 2025 Canoe Slalom World Championships (hint: it’s us!!!)

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Penrith to host 2025 Canoe Slalom World Championship

25 years after it hosted canoe slalom at the Sydney Olympics, Penrith Whitewater Stadium will once again welcome the world’s best paddlers after the International Canoe Federation awarded the city the hosting rights for the 2025 world championships.

The 2025 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships presents an amazing opportunity to revamp the Whitewater Stadium, which was included in the bid presented by Paddle Australia with the support of the Australian Government, NSW Government and Penrith City Council. Read More >>>
NSW Clubs Doing Their Part For The Environment
Clean Up Australia Day this year saw Clubs across NSW roll up their sleeves, donned their gloves and life jackets to collect rubbish from our waterways and shore lines. The Clubs did an amazing effort in keeping our paddling environment clean. Read More >>>

Paddle Australia and Paddle NSW want to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who took part in Clean Up Australia Day, it has had a huge impact on local areas, as well as raising awareness on pollution problems in our waterways.
Celebrating Paddle Australia’s Athletes for International Women’s day

This Month Paddle Australia celebrated its inspiring Team Australia Sprint & Slalom Athletes for International Women’s Day 2021. Check out the video below.

Paddle Australia Basic Skills Awards

Ever wanted to learn some basic paddling skills to help make you a better safer paddler? Maybe a friend or relative has just purchased their first craft! The best way to learn some basic skills of paddling is to gain a Paddle Australia Basic skills award. 
This award introduces people to a variety of skills including: Launching & landing, paddle strokes, rafting, deep water rescue, swimming in paddling gear,  plus, heaps more!!
This award can be delivered by any current PA Supervisor, Guide or Instructor) You can search here for a deliverer near you or alternatively contact your State Paddle Association

The way our Club members embraced the Paddle On Foundation was a real highlight in 2020.  Through the generosity of over 1,000 club members, the Foundation has already helped 57 paddlers who were adversely impacted by COVID-19 to become or remain a member of one of our great Clubs. Read More>>>

ICF #Paddle100 
The International Canoe Federation (ICF) has launched #Paddle100 – a global campaign to inspire recreational paddlers to stay active and plan for their next adventure.

#Paddle100 will see canoeists, kayakers and stand-up paddlers share their favourite paddle spots at home and abroad. Read More >>>

Sport Integrity Australia Launches its New Sport Integrity App

Sport Integrity Australia has just launched their new Sport Integrity App that focuses on protecting athletes, preventing doping, and educating people about the benefits of keeping Australian sports clean. The App provides education resources for all levels of athletes, their parent, teachers, coaches, and support personnel.

The App also has information on all sport integrity issues, anti-doping rules, testing programs, the health effects of doping, supplement and nutrition advice, overseas travel considerations and more. Just click on the menu icon. For more information >>

The App is available to download on Apple or Google Play now.
Paracanoe Squad Looking Strong at the Paddle Australia Paralympic Selection Trials
The future of paracanoeing in Australia is looking bright with an exciting squad of para-athletes presenting themselves at last week’s Paddle Australia Paralympic selection trials.

Five months out from the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, 2016 Paralympians Curtis McGrath, Dylan Littlehales, Susan Seipel and Amanda Jennings (former Reynolds) all locked in their nominations to their second Australian Paralympic Team after fulfilling the Paddle Australia selection criteria.  The team is expected to be announced in a couple of months’ time. Read More >>>
Celebrating the Australian Sprint/Slalom Tokyo 2020+1 Selections
One year since they were officially named on the Australian Olympic Team for the Tokyo Games, The Australian Sprint and Slalom Team have officially celebrated their Olympic selections together at the Tokyo Simulation Camp at the Sydney International Regatta Centre in late March. Read More >>>
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A spectacular photo of a paddle boarder in Wollongong taken by the talented Jerome C Justine. For more amazing photos follow Jerome's Instagram at byjeromeo

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