Firstly, it's great to see the lockdown lifting and activities resuming at our Clubs. Please continue to observe local restrictions and follow the guidelines. That way, we can all stay safe and ensure we continue to keep the curve flat!!

In May, Paddle Australia and our State Paddle Associations launched the 'Paddle Support Package', flagged in our last newsletter. The Package was put together based on feedback from the paddling community on the key impacts of COVID-19. We are pleased that the response has been overwhelmingly positive. 

A core element is the establishment of the Paddle On Foundation to help those members of our community most severely impacted by COVID-19 to join or maintain membership of their Club and continue paddling. 

We are delighted that since membership renewal opened at the start of June, over 25% of those renewing have made a donation. Through the Foundation, the paddling community has already been able to support several members and their families. 

'I am so appreciative of this financial aid and it will not only relieve the financial burden but also support positive mental health of the family. Participating in sports together and training for an event gives life purpose in dark times and by our canoe club membership continuing, we will continue in healthy habits when restrictions lift.

'Thank you for this. It’s the small kindnesses that are making a difference at this time'.

For those that are able to support the Foundation, making a donation to support your fellow paddlers could not be easier. When you renew your membership, you can choose to contribute your 25% discount on your state and national fee, or another amount of your choice. Alternatively, you can make a donation through the Australian Sports Foundation website. All contributions are tax-deductible. 

On behalf of those that have benefited and will continue to benefit from the Foundation, thank you for your generosity.
With you on the water,  

Paddle Australia
Click on the video above to find out more about the Paddle On Foundation
Return to Paddling Infographic Posters

To support the safe return to paddling, Paddle Australia has put together a series of posters with basic reminders for different groups to help everyone stay safe in the COVD-19 environment.

The set of four posters are aimed at Recreational Paddlers, Paddle Clubs, Instructors, Guides & Coaches, and High Performance Paddlers in a training environment.

The posters can be viewed online or downloaded, printed and placed strategically at your paddling venue. 

Click here to view and download the posters >>>
Ocean Racing World Championships Coming to the City of Mandurah, WA

The world’s best canoe ocean racing paddlers will be heading to Western Australia in 2023 with the City of Mandurah to host the 2023 International Canoe Federation Canoe Ocean Racing World Championships. The city will also host the Paddle Australia Canoe Ocean Racing Championships that year.
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National Volunteer Week: 18-24th May

National Volunteer Week was held at the end of May, which is an annual celebration organised by Volunteering Australia to acknowledge the contribution offered by more than six million Australians who give their time to help communities across the country, including our sport! Thank you to all the volunteer coaches, officials, administrators, team managers and the many others that are essential to Australian sport, our paddlers, paddle clubs and events. Click on the video above to see some of our amazing volunteers in action!
World Environment Day: 5th June

World Environment Day is a time to recognise the significance of nature in our lives. Nature is a particularly important and enjoyable part of the paddling experience, which is why it's crucial that we look after our environment so others can enjoy it in the years to come. Of course taking care of the environment is about more than just one day. Learn how you can become involved in the UN's Clean Seas project to reduce marine litter and the harm it causes.
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Want to find out why people got into paddling in the first place? Or what they are looking for from paddling? You can click the link above to find Section 1 of the results as well. PA and the State Paddle Associations are now working together to determine priorities based on the feedback provided and will share these key priorities soon.
Paddle Support Package Launched!
Paddle Australia and the State Paddle Associations are pleased to announce the Paddle Support Package, which includes:
> 25% discount on 2020/21 State and Paddle Australia fees for Club members.
> Establishment of the Paddle On Foundation.
> Free club member access to the new online Introduction to Coaching course.
> A three-month extension for all current Paddle Australia qualification holders.
Tips for Packing a Sea Kayak
If you are new to sea kayaking, new to overnight trips, or just haven’t gone out in a while, we've put together some tips and tricks that may help you when packing for your next adventure!
Provisional 2020/21 National Competition Calendar
PA has published a provisional 2020/21 National Competition Calendar. We hope that a full schedule of National Competitions will take place this summer, commencing mid-December 2020, however given the uncertainty at this stage, all the competition dates and venues outlined above are subject to change at any time.
Click here to view the provisional calendar >>>
Canoe Polo Team Coaches Announced

The PA Canoe Polo Technical Committee is extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Rebecca Jennings as Coach of the Australian Women's Team and Craig Hutchinson as the Coach of the Australian Men's Team which will compete at the 2020 ICF Canoe Polo World Championships in Rome, Italy, to be held in 2021. Find out more about the coaches and how the canoe polo athletes have found creative ways of maintaining an active training schedule here >>>
ICF 5k Paddle Challenge

The International Canoe Federation is encouraging professional and recreational paddlers all over the world to participate in their virtual competition and take on a 5km paddle challenge, not only to stay active but also to raise money for the incredibly important work of Doctors Without Borders.
Find out more here >>>
Conquering Cancer and Creating Canoe Sprint History

After missing out on Rio 2016 due to a cancer scare, canoe sprint paddler Bernadette Wallace is set to make Olympic history in Tokyo as one of the first ever women to participate in C1 and C2 at an Olympic Games. Bernadette grew up very familiar with the elite training routine; after all, her brother Ken Wallace was an Olympic Kayaking Champion, but the creative youngster never considered herself athletic nor did she ever dream of becoming an Olympian.
Read more about Bernadette's story here >>>
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This stunning sunrise was captured by Bob Turner just off the coast of Cronulla in NSW.

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