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This Issue

New Gear/Gadget: Bigfoot foot plate

Feature craft:Tiderace pace 17

Feature location:Moreton Bay

Paddling skills: Feathered Draw

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Bigfoot foot plate

New Gear/Gadget: Bigfoot foot plate

"An adjustable, ergonomic, and near enough to universal solution to the vexed problem of inadequate mass manufactured foot peg systems. Key Features of the System:

· Easily field serviceable with standard Marine Stainless for all screws, nuts, washers and hinges. No tricky springs or special clips.
·Made from tough 5504 Marine Grade Aluminium.
·No hidden voids to clog with sand and grit, no tight tolerance parts to jam. Easy removal for occasional cleaning
·Simplicity means that despite the robust construction it weighs only 120gms more than the most common toe pedal system used in large-scale manufacture.
· 4 way Adjustable: Width, Length, Toe-pedal Angle, Pedal Spacing.
· Easy to modify: Provides a sturdy base for custom fitting of full plates to suit your needs. Side tracks can be easily re-drilled to take non standard hole spacings.
· No need to drill: These tracks use the same hole spacing as the most popular factory fitted foot peg systems
· Australian designed and Manufactured: By Sea kayakers for real kayaking conditions”

RRP $320

Pace 17

Feature craft: Tiderace Pace 17

Supplied by: Expedition Kayaks

Length 522cm
Width 51cm
Capacity Approx. 405l
Paddler Weight 50-80kg
$4990 (G-Core Layup)

“The Tiderace Pace 17 Tour has changed the thinking of open water paddlers since it’s release in 2014. In this short time it has been paddled extensively along some off the most coveted expedition routes, including Stuart Trueman’s circumnavigation of the UK, and various trips up & down the East & West Coast of mainland Australia, the west coast of Tasmania & Bass Strait. With a super-efficiuent hull and handling similar to the harder tracing expedition skeg boats, paddlers have increased their range & safety margins, whilst still in a craft primarily designed for rough water."


Feature location: Moreton Bay

Location: Moreton Bay, Moreton Island, west coast line

How to get there: Can paddle over by direct crossing 20km, island hop or ferry.

Craft: Sea Kayak

Distance: Whatever your heart desires

Length of trip: Anything form 1 hour paddle to weeklong trip or more.


- Lots of campsite options           

- Minimal drinking water

- Toilets at some sites

- Small shop at each end of the island


- Clean clear water

- Sea life including, Dolphins, Turtles, Rays and Dugongs

More information:



Paddling skill: Feathered Draw

Rotate your body towards the direction of which you wish to travel.

Place the back of your top hand on your forehead. This is where it will remain for the stroke and the bottom hand will do the work.

Start with the blade parallel to the kayak under water and about 2 feet out from your hip.

Draw the paddle into your hip with your bottom hand.

When you get to about 6 inches out from your kayak, rotate the paddle 90 degrees and slice the paddle back out to the start position.

Rotate the paddle back to parallel and perform the stroke again

Beware not to hit the side of the kayak when you pull the paddle in as this can lead to capsize. If you do hit the side, let go of your top hand and try again


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Paddle OZ www.paddleoz.canoe.org.au

Waterways guide www.waterwaysguide.org.au

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