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New Gear/Gadget: Luci light

Feature craft::Delta 14

Feature location: Jervis Bay and St Georges Basin

Paddling skills: Forward Sweep

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Bigfoot foot plate

New Gear/Gadget: Luci light

These little lights are awesome! They are inflatible, they run off solar panels, they have 2 different brightness settings and 1 flashing setting. Simply clip onto your deck with a carabiner, hang in a tree when your camping or even use it as a torch. These lights can last up to 12 hours after a full charge. They are lightweight and collapse into a small size. It doesnt take much to blow them up.NOW WITH CHARGE INDICATOR



Pace 17

Feature craft:  Delta 14

SUPPLIED BY: Synergy Paddlesports Australia         www.synergypaddlesports.com

• LENGTH: 4.2m

• WIDTH: 59cm

• DEPTH: 35cm

• WEIGHT: 19kg

• Cockpit: 42.5cm x 80cm 

• Cockpit Volume: 175 ltr 

• Bow Dry Storage: 72 ltr 

• Day Hatch: 7 ltr 

• Stern Dry Storage: 130 ltr 

• Maximum Capacity: 154.2 kg

• Construction: Thermoformed ABS which provides high abrasion and impact-resistance and superior UV protection

    Price: $2795.00

Experience the Ultimate in Lightweight Touring Performance. The New Delta 14 is feature packed including the multi-position Contour Seat and proprietary Press-Lock Hatch System and comes standard with retractable rudder. It has loads of storage and offers ultra light handling on and off the water. The long waterline and moderate ‘V shaped’ hull provide an impressive combination of speed and stability that will inspire the confidence of new or experienced paddlers in any conditions. This kayak edges beautifully, with fantastic control and slices through the water effortlessly for efficient forward touring speed. Ready for day trips, long weekends, extended trips, or just playing around in rock gardens or surf we have paddled the Delta in such a wide variety of conditions both here at home and in this kayaks birthplace of Canada and have been so impressed with the quality and versatility of this recreation tourer.


Feature location: Jervis Bay and St Georges Basin

Areas of interest: Bherwerre Peninsula, Beecroft peninsula, Bowen Island, Carama Inlet, Currembene Creek, St Georges Basin.

How to get there: Jervis Bay is situated on the coast about 3 hours south of Sydney.

Suitable Craft: Sea Kayak, Touring kayak, Sit On Top Kayak.

Jervis Bay should be listed as one of the natural wonders of the World. The variety of waterways to explore is truly endless with something for everyone not matter what the wind and swell are doing. Jervis Bay and St Georges Basin are quite circular in shape so you can always find a sheltered shoreline to paddle. You can explore everything from the clam waters of the Mangrove Rivers to the open water sea caves and cliffs and island all within a short drive to a launch site. Camping is available in the Booderee and Jervis Bay National Parks with plenty of options close or away from the main town centre of Huskisson. The Crystal Clear waters, abundant Sea Life and pristine White Sandy beaches make a complete package in an easy weekend away or extended paddling holiday location. More Information is available at www.seakayakjervisbay.com


Paddling skill: Forward Sweep

The sweep stroke is used on many occasions mostly for keeping your kayak in a straight line while forward paddling or changing your direction. This is done by performing a forward sweep stroke on the opposite side to which you wish to turn. The forward sweep can also be used in conjunction with the reverse sweep (covered later) to turn your kayak on the spot when stationary

Reach forward and place the paddle in front of your feet.

Use your body to rotate so that you are able to reach far forward.

Keep your top hand low and your bottom arm relatively straight throughout the stroke.

Move the paddle in a big wide arch out from your kayak, from your toes to the back of your kayak.

Make sure the full paddle is under water for the entire stroke

When you are using the sweep stroke to correct your position you may not need to carry the stroke all the way to the back of the kayak. As you may find that by doing the start of a sweep stroke it will correct your kayak to your desired direction.

When you are wishing to turn in a full or part circle on the spot, you need to combine forward and reverse sweep strokes. You will need to perform a forward sweep on one side and a reverse sweep on the other.


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