• Looking for a program to deliver in the next school holidays?

• Want to issue participants on a current program with a certificate from Australian Canoeing?

• Want to deliver a fun exciting program to school aged children?

 YES, then this is the program for you.

Australian Canoeing is proud to announce the release of the national participation program, 



The Paddle Oz Program is designed to provide young people with an enjoyable introduction to paddling that encourages lifelong participation. Experiential learning through participation in games and activities is the focus of the first two levels. These games allow the participants to develop the essential skills and safety knowledge that underpin all future paddling pathways. Gaining knowledge of the different forms of paddling, making links to local clubs and understanding further development pathways is an important feature of the program.

Paddle Oz has three levels:

1: Discovery

The Discovery program aims to introduce young people to the activity of paddling. Through the use of

games, participants will learn basic paddle skills in a fun environment, discovering what an exciting activity paddling can be. Very basic craft handling and safety skills should be achieved by the completion of this level.

2: Action

The Action program aims to extend and refine the basic paddle skills learnt in Discovery. With participants exploring and experiencing different paddle craft and learning new skills, they discover that there are no limits to what paddling has to offer. Consistent basic craft handling and safety skills should be achieved by the completion of this level, with participants developing the skills to paddle specialised craft. Participants should have an awareness of how to contact their local club.

3: Adventure

The Adventure level aims to launch participants into more adventurous forms of paddling. Participants are introduced to specialised craft and the specific skills required to paddle them. There are four separate programs, Flatwater, Sea, Whitewater and Canoe Polo. The Adventure program is designed to provide a link into Clubs, Paddle Education and National development programs for competitive disciplines. By the end of this level, participants should have the skills, knowledge and experience to participate in a club event or a day trip on moving water, flatwater or the sea.

Instructors, guides, lifeguards and coaches are all qualified to deliver the Discovery and Action with discipline specific qualifications required for the Adventure level. All they have to do is register as a Paddle Oz Trainer (one off $60 fee) at http://paddleoz.canoe.org.au/#trainers.  As a Paddle Oz Trainer, they will receive:

• Program handbook;

• Games and activities booklet (this is printed on waterproof paper);

• Trainer check sheets;

• Program poster (this is editable, to add your programme dates and details).

The above resources are provided in hardcopy and electronic versions.

For further clarification on how to get started, please do not hesitate to contact me at the Australian Canoeing office.


Mark Thurgood

Community Participation Coordinator

Australian Canoeing Ltd.

Paddle Prep is now available in the Apple store and Google play.

Download it today 

Visit www.canoe.org.au/paddle-prep



App contains:

·         Paddling equipment including craft, safety and communication

·         Paddling skill demonstrations

·         Weather, tides and swell

·         Trip planning , including lodging a float plan, Gear lists

·         Plus much more