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This Issue

Paddle Oz update

Feature app: Navionics

New Gear/Gadget: BigFoot Kayak Pump Kit.

Feature craft: North Shore Ocean 17

Feature location: Byron Bay

Paddling skills: Stopping (kayak)

Feature Club: Ascot Kayak club

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Paddle Oz Update:

If you are wishing to deliver Paddle Oz as a Volunteer for an Australian Canoeing club, then you can now register as a Paddle Oz trainer for free, please visit the following website for more details http://paddleoz.canoe.org.au/#trainers  

Australian Canoeing clubs can register as a club to deliver Paddle Oz at no charge. Once registered you will receive a copy of the Paddle Oz resources for you to share with your Volunteer trainers  to enable them the deliver Paddle Oz for your club. 


Feature App: Navionics

World’s Most Popular Marine & Lakes App! A favorite among cruisers, sailors, fishermen and divers. Find the same detailed charts as on the best GPS plotters. This app includes the overwhelming value of Navionics+. Alternatively, you may have found a free version on the store offering basic features, where Navionics+ can be purchased In-App

Bigfoot foot plate

New Gear/Gadget: BigFoot Kayak Pump Kit.


This pump kit offers an excellent, practical hands-free electric pump without the stress. The pump bracket, box bracket, magnetic switch assembly and outlet fittings are all custom made specifically for this kit and they are shaped and  pre-drilled to save the hours of effort that are usually required to just to make standard parts work in a kayak and once the parts are fitted, there are only two wires to crimp to complete the wiring. $390

Pace 17

Feature craft: North Shore Ocean 17


North Shore Ocean 17 A new design from North Shore in the UK, with a flat planing hull & plenty of capacity for extended trips. Designed to be reassuring on open water, but with a hull that accelerates as the seas steepen, with North Shore’s renowned handling in the rough stuff. Suited to paddlers in the 75-110kg range. $4190


Feature location: Byron Bay

For sea kayakers with some experience onlyThis is a fantastic paddle that takes in the Julian Rocks Marine Reserve and the waves off Little Wategos beach, which is at the foot of Cape Byron. Dolphins and turtles can often be seen as well as whales in June and July, on there Northern migration, and September and October, on their Southern migration.  

For more information you can go to http://waterwaysguide.org.au/


Paddling skill: Stopping

Stopping is one of those skills that you have to be able to perform for your own safety and for those of that around you. It is very useful skill especially when exploring coastlines or surfing. You should be able to stop your kayak within a kayak length and maintain the same direction as you were travelling. The stroke should also produce minimal force on your body. Below are some tips  to help with this.

Use short shape strokes in the opposite direction to your travel. 

Use the back of the
blade for this stroke if
moving forward.

Place the paddle in at the side of the hips.

With each stroke place more of the paddle in the water until

Eg: 1/3 blade
1/2 blade
Full blade

The aim is to be stopping as stated within a kayak length. This should be 3 or 4 short sharp strokes.


Feature Club: Ascot Kayak Club WA




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