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Feature app: WillyWeather

New Gear/Gadget:  Princeton Tec Eco Flare

Feature craft: Rockpool Taran 18

Feature location: Shoalwater Bay

Paddling skills: Eskimo Rescue

Feature Club: Launceston Paddling Club

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Feature App: WillyWeather

WillyWeather is a feature rich weather app that includes BoM radar and satellite, detailed wind, rain, tide, swell and UV forecasts, as well as moon phases, and sunrise and sunset times.

Expedition kayaks

New Gear/Gadget: Princeton Tec Eco Flare

Make yourself visible with the Eco Flare™ personal locator light. An essential safety item for sea kayakers, it comes complete with two bulbs: one for constant area light and a flashing red LED. Whether you're paddling through shipping lanes or just across the bay, Eco Flare™ will allow you to be seen.

Pace 17

Feature craft: Rockpool Taran 18


A super fast touring or fitness boat developed by Rockpool to cover big distances quickly, with big loads. The Taran has set new speed records for the circumnavigation of both the UK and the Ireland. The boat has been used in Australia on several fast Bass Strait crossings, and on the North Reef Expedition and the 117km One Degree South Paddle. As well as speed it has the sort of super-sea manners you associate with a normal sea kayak, but with the modern plumb bow now standard on surf skis & fast racing kayaks.


Feature location: Shoalwater Bay

Suitable for sea kayaking, SUP paddling, sit on top ski paddling.  The area is teaming with wildlife; Sea Eagles, Dolphins and Sea lions to name a few.
Snorkelling is fantastic here, get out and drop anchor near one the islands or reefs in calm weather.
You can paddle up close to Seal Island and watch the young seals playing around the kayaks (or sleeping on the beach)
A nice trip is to head out beside the sand bar to Penguin Island then cross an open stretch of water to Shag Rock and Seal Island.  If you're still feeling fit, carry on heading North to Point Peron Look Out, there's a couple of really nice beaches here for a lunch break, before heading back to Pengo's.

For more information you can go to http://waterwaysguide.org.au/


Paddling skill: Eskimo Rescue

This rescue can be useful, but requires the following two conditions:

1: Confidence underwater to stay in your kayak as long as possible.

2: Trust in your fellow paddlers to come to your rescue.

The Eskimo rescue is a rescue that does not involve you getting out of your kayak.

If you capsize, are unable to roll and know that other kayakers are near- by then try the following.

Once you have capsized. Perform 3 loud bangs on the bottom of your kayak with your hands. (this is to draw the attention of fellow paddlers that you require help)

Make your hands into a fist and move them a couple of inches out from your kayak.

Move your hands along the side of the kayak towards the front and the back as far as you can reach whilst making sure you keep them out of the water.

The rescuer must nudge the front of their kayak into the side of your craft in the area in which your moving your hands.

Once you feel the front of the kayak with your hands, move your hands so that they are in a position that allows you to put your head on your hands on the front of the kayak.

Place your head on your hands and, using your knee, roll the kayak upright again. Keeping your head down until the end. 

Collect your paddle, and continue with your paddle.


Feature Club: Launceston Paddling Club



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