Welcome to the New Australian Canoeing Award Scheme (ACAS) update newsletter. The update will be sent when changes and updates have been made to ACAS. This will ensure that all ACAS holders and NTPs have the most recent ACAS information. 

In this issue:

•  Changes to First aid requirements

Changes to First aid requirements

Australian Canoeing has made a change to the requirements of First aid certificates. 

Lifeguards, Guides and Instructors no longer need to submit a copy of their First aid certificate with the first registration of re registration.

Australian Canoeing will be leaving the currency and level of First aid required up to the organisation in which leaders are operating in. This way organisations can be sure leaders hold a current and the appropriate First aid certificate for the area of operation. 

AC has introduced the ability for ACAS holders to update the details of their First aid and Working with Children  under their user profile so that organisations can view these with a simple search on the AC website. http://education.canoe.org.au/find.php .

You can add your First aid and Working with Children details to your profile by going to http://education.canoe.org.au/ and signing in with your username and password. If you do not know what these are please email education@canoe.org.au.

Please note that if you are running an ACAS program (either through an NTP or a skills award as an Instructor, as per last update) you will be required to hold a current First aid and CPR certificate, the location etc will determine which level is required. 

'AC recommends that all Lifeguards, Guides and Instructors hold a First aid qualification appropriate to the area of operation from a recognised provider.'