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Feature app: Beachsafe

New Gear/Gadget:  Kayak Flotation Bags

Feature craft: Jackson ZEN 65

Feature location: North Esk

Paddling skills: Paddling skills with Dan Hall

Feature Club: Derwent Canoe club

Feature Book/Video: The Paddlers Guide to Queensland

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Feature App: Beachsafe


Taking a road trip up the coast? Going on holiday? Perhaps you're just looking for a safe beach to swim at? With Beachsafe's unrivalled coverage of Australian beaches (Approx 12,000 of them) you can find the nearest beaches to you in seconds and view comprehensive information about each and every one of them.

Expedition kayaks

New Gear/Gadget: Kayak flotation bags


Keep the water out in the event of a capsize with the range of inflatable flotation bags. A range of sizes ensures all kayaks can stay afloat for ease of re-entry or swimming to shore.

Pace 17

Feature craft: Jackson ZEN 65


Whitewater paddlers have been asking for a "true" river running boat from JK for a long time and now you have not one but two exceptional options to offer them. The JK Zen is going to provide you with that traditional river running look and feel with all the benefits of a modern efficient hull and state of the art ergonomics and outfitting. The Zen is going to give a whole new generation of boaters the ability to experience attainments, enders, and the fast flowing river running experience that so many of us built our paddling lives on.


Feature location: North Esk

The North Esk, 10 minutes out of Launceston has long been a favourite Grade 3, 4 river with a pub only 5 minutes down the road. For me – 20 minutes as I live on the other side of town. What a shame.

I have been paddling the standard sections, White Hills to Corra Lynn and Big Bend since the 1980s which pretty well dates me. I have paddled in fibreglass, Kevlar, Dancers, Outbursts, Honcho and now a Mamba. Gone are the days of trip, repair, trip!

Over the years therefore, the river has become something of an automatic exercise and indeed in our local club, “Do not follow Dicker” is a standard comment to any new paddler. I have had my fair share of stuffups, rolls, bailouts and pins but so far have survived with the worst injury, two black eyes. (I got pinned on the bottom under a near invisible downed tree in mid river.) I have watched generations of paddlers line up and dare to do “First Drop”, a 3.5m vertical waterfall with an interesting lead up. Easily portaged though.

I have paddled it high (very high) with a much better paddler than myself and extremely low 

Recently though we have had the wettest winter in history and N Esk became for a while unpaddlable, about 1 week. Both it and Launceston’s other river, South Esk, Cataract Gorge churned and Launceston was in risk of being flooded. Flood levees were closed and a number of houses went under water.

What of N Esk? I finally got back to it and was staggered at the changes to the rapids. The familiar lines were destroyed, huge boulders had entered the river or moved. Play features simply no longer existed. First Drop was a huge surprise, the “Guarding Rock had moved 6m downstream, two 200 hundred tonne boulders had entered the stream on the North and it was a whole new paddle game.

Deacon’s Beacon, an innocuous Grade 3 drop suddenly had “noc”, the worst scrubby rapid, Gelcoat hadn’t changed in the slightest! Damn.  And Shylock’s (“always gets its pound of flesh”) was sooo different, the chicken chute was now hideous and one had to make the cube run. Last corner was also modified.

Perhaps the greatest shock was the Corra Lynn Reserve where 

swimming was normal, an island existed in the middle and lots of trees and a toilet were available. Well the island, toilet, parts of the carpark were gone irrevocably. The house requires complete refurbishing and every thing was simply different.

I am reliably informed that the top section also has altered and a crucial side chute is no longer available. Portage is now common. 

Nature beats paddlers, be aware if paddling a trip after severe weather, that rivers change and this can beat you. Check the river until you are confident you know it again.

Jason Dicker


Paddling Skill: Paddling skills with Dan Hall

These Youtube videos are produced by Canoe Tasmania. Check out Dan Hall demonstrating different paddling techiques. 



Feature Club: Derwent Canoe Club



Feature Book/Video: The Paddlers Guide to Queensland


Special: 10% off all Global Paddler guidebooks for any Australian Canoeing member who places an order by forwarding this edition the newsletter to guides@globalpaddler.com.au by 5th November.

The state “where Australia shines” is blessed with a stunning coastline, magnificent tropical rainforests, spacious outback landscapes, and a wonderfully warm climate that is best experienced with a paddle in your hand. The Paddler’s Guide to Queensland is the ultimate companion for seeing this amazing part of the world from the water.



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