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Feature App: Paddle Log

News: Rosco Canoes

New Gear/Gadget: Snap Dragon Design Spray Decks

Feature Craft: Pilgrim and Pilgrim Expedition

Feature Location:  Nelbuck Island

Feature book: Kayak

Feature Club:  Paddle Capricornia

Upcoming event: NSW Sea Kayak Club Rock and Roll

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Feature App: Paddle Log

Version 2.0 is now available with loads of great new features. 


Paddle Log is user friendly logbook with the ability to copy and edit past activities. It will encourage users to keep their logbook current at all times on their mobile device. The data recorded is suitable for submission to Australian Canoeing when applying for an ACAS award. 


News: Rosco Canoes

It’s a sad day; after 47 years of designing and building canoes and kayaks, Ross Cook has finally decided to fully retire, call it day and close down.

Ross Cook was only 10 years of age when he built his first canoe in 1955.  Inspired by old books of beautiful canoes in spectacular settings he hand built a wood & canvas canoe and joined the Indooroopilly Canoe Club.

In the mid 60’s Ross began his apprenticeship in fibreglassing and continued to develop his paddling skills.  And in 1968 he designed & built his now famous 16ft canoe from home, it was an immediate success and the orders started to flow.

In 1970, Ross established Rosco Canoes Pty Ltd.  Over the following years new models were added to the fleet as canoeing & kayaking grew in popularity.  In 1978 they were awarded the Australian Design Award for their entire fleet (5 models) a truly amazing achievement.

Throughout the 1980’s the industry started to broaden its appeal and commercial tour operators appeared on the scene.  Rosco became the chosen brand and were asked to develop a line of expedition sea kayaks & large canoes.  Both their single & double expeditions became extremely popular and their newly designed 20ft canoe (still Australia’s largest) was used for many applications across Australia.

It was however the quality of their products that always set the Rosco craft apart.

Over the past 40 years Ross Cook has paddled throughout Australia, New Zealand and the North West Territories of Canada.  He was an accredited senior instructor with Australian Canoeing and is still heavily involved and respected within the local paddling scene.

We would like to wish Rosco all the best in his retirement and hope he continues to paddle for many years to come.

Expedition kayaks

New Gear/Gadget: Snap Dragon Design Spray Decks


Snap Dragon Design Spray Decks www.snapdragondesign.com  are hand made in the USA by paddlers for paddlers. They are a small business that expertly craft decks with high quality materials to fit your specific kayak. The Ocean Tour EXP in all neoprene is my deck of choice. Really comfortable, effective at keeping the sea out and easy to get on and off quickly, all due to the custom fit. $195. Snap Dragon Designs Spay decks are available from Sea Candy Sea Kayaking in Brisbane www.seacandy.com.au

Pace 17

Feature craft: Pilgrim and Pilgrim Expedition


The Nigel Dennis Designs Pilgrim and Pilgrim Expedition www.seakayakinguk.com Lighter and smaller paddlers rejoice because the legendary Welsh brand, Nigel Dennis Kayaks, has designed and hand-made the Pilgrim and Pilgrim Expedition sea kayaks for you. Your skills will super-charge with a sea kayak that has excellent design qualities and just as importantly, was built for your size and weight. The Pilgrim has a fast day and play boat bias and the Pilgrim Expedition has more length and volume for loading extra camping gear. Play, surf, roll or circumnavigate the wilds of New Zealand like Fiona Weatherall is in her Pilgrim Expedition right now, www.facebook.com/Intothesea2/ Both kayaks are excellent choices for one-kayak-does-all versatility. Australian Canoeing members can enjoy 10% off the full price of any Nigel Dennis designs kayak in stock until the end of March 2017. NDKs are now available from Sea Candy Sea Kayaking in Brisbane. www.seacandy.com.au


Feature location: Nelbuck Island

Global Paddler

Nelbuck Island is in the Bulyong Island section of the Murray River National Park. The waters that surround it are a combination of small secluded creeks and the magnificent Murray River. These same waters also provide a barrier to entry by road or on foot. It’s a brilliant place to paddle and camp.


Featuire book: : Kayak

The kayak is well known as a competitive craft in Olympic sports such as slalom and sprint. And many are aware of its origins as a hunting kayak used by the Inuit people in and around the Arctic regions. Yet few appreciate just how widely this small boat has spread, not only into recreation and sport, but also taking roles in exploration, science and defence.

This collection of stories, words and images, weaves a tale of strength and adaptability as it renews our appreciation and understanding of the kayak.


Feature Club: Paddle Capricornia

Paddle Capricornia is a paddling club based on the Capricorn Coast (Yeppoon) Queensland.  The Club started with a small group of people with a passion for kayaking and exploring the rivers & fantastic coast and islands in the Central Queensland area.



Upcoming event: NSW Sea Kayak Club Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll details here


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