Welcome to the New Australian Canoeing Award Scheme (ACAS) update newsletter. The update will be sent when changes and updates have been made to ACAS. This will ensure that all ACAS holders and NTPs have the most recent ACAS information. 

In this issue:

• Assessor award changes

• Website updates

• Registration fees 

Assessor award changes

The Assessor award has had a change in the last week. This is really only a name change relevant to the Instructor award you hold.

For example if you are a Sea Instructor and held and Assessor award, you now hold a Sea Assessor award.

If you held a Sea and WW Instructor award, you will now hold a Sea and WW Assessor award etc. 

Sea and WW Assessors are able to assess Flatwater awards so you will not require a Flatwater Assessor award.


Website Updates

The AC Education page will be under going updates over the next few months, If you have any issues with operation of the site in this time,please try again later and if issue remains, please contact AC. 


Registration fees

ACAS registration fees will be increased on the 1st of July 2017 to the below for 3 years registration. 

Guide/Instructor: $170

Leader: $75

Lifeguard: $90

Some of the benefits of holding an ACAS award are below

• Proof of currency

• State and National Recognition

• Peer validated scheme that is responsive to emerging trends and opportunities

• Insurance cover when delivering through association with Australian Canoeing

• Insurance when delivering the Paddle Oz program

• Conferences, Training and Networking Opportunities

• Access to world class expert advice

For more information on Insurance and benefits please visit here