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This Issue

Feature App: Paddle Log

New Gear/Gadget:  Granite Gear Thwart Bag

Feature Craft: Wenonah Minnesota II

Feature Location:  Wingan Inlet – East Gippsland, Victoria

Feature Club:  Find a club

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Feature App: Paddle Log

Now available on desktop.


or on Apple and Andriod


Paddle Log is user friendly logbook with the ability to copy and edit past activities. It will encourage users to keep their logbook current at all times on their mobile device. The data recorded is suitable for submission to Australian Canoeing when applying for an ACAS award. 

Expedition kayaks

New Gear/Gadget:
Granite Gear Thwart Bag


Granite Gear is an American company that makes traditional equipment with a modern approach – the result being well-built and highly functional gear!  The “Thwart Bag” is one several canoe storage bags that they make which helps keep necessary items close at hand and out of the bilge water on the floor.  The bag has 2 means of attachment and will fit on the cross members of nearly any canoe, with capacity to hold a surprising amount of gear.  The rigid base of the bag is removable and doubles as a handy chopping board.  The thwart bag comes in 2 sizes (large and small) and there are also bow bags and under-seat storage bags available from Granite Gear. 



Feature craft: Wenonah Minnesota II


The Wenonah Minnesota II has been the benchmark for sleek touring canoes for decades and it’s no wonder why.  Its sleek and streamlined shape produces a glide that seems as endless as its carrying-capacity.  At 18’6 it looks like a lot of boat but at 19kgs in Kevlar it certainly doesn’t feel like it.  Load up the whole family and a week’s worth of gear and the Minnesota II will carry it all in stable and predictable comfort.  It’s not just good at canoe touring, though, it’s also a solid performer in marathon paddling!  A few years ago a mixed tandem pair pushed a Minnesota II through the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic in just 10:37!  The Minnesota II comes standard with 2 bucket seats but timber/web seats are also an option and a 3rd permanent seat can also be added to the middle of the canoe.   It’s available in 4 different layups with a variety of colour and trim options to choose from.  Wenonah Canoes are hand-made in Minnesota in a factory that’s right next to the Mississippi River. 


Feature location: Wingan Inlet – East Gippsland, Victoria

Global Paddler

Wingan Inlet is proof that wilderness is not wasteland as some would have you believe. It is a fecund phantasmagoria of colour, texture, movement and sound. Wilderness is a completely honest expression of life itself – unadulterated, uncultivated and untamed.


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