Penrith Open Canoe Slalom Series 2021

With the restrictions on domestic and international travel still in place, Paddle Australia’s High-Performance program is putting together a series of smaller scaled canoe slalom events in February & March which will also exhibit Extreme Slalom:

Dates Start List Course Plan Results  Day 1 Results    Day 2 Extreme
Penrith Open 1  20-21 Feb Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday Extreme C1M K1W C1W K1M C1M K1W K1M C1W Extreme
Penrith Open 2  6-7 March Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday Extreme C1M K1W C1W K1M C1M K1W K1M C1W Extreme
Penrith Open 3  13-14 March Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday Extreme C1M K1W C1W K1M  C1M K1W K1M C1W Extreme

Penrith Open Rankings Click HERE

Penrith Open MPS Rankings C1M K1W K1M C1W

There will be two runs on each day in each class and the Extreme Slalom will be held after the slalom on the Sunday.

The winner of the canoe slalom event will be determined by the best of two runs on each day and there will be an overall Canoe Slalom Penrith Open Series winner.

Saturday                                                     Sunday

Water On / Course Tuning                            Water On / Course Tuning
Run 1                                                         Run 1
Break    (11:00 -14:30)                               Run 2
Run 2                                                         Break (11:00 – 14:30)
Finish                                                         Extreme Slalom Course Construction
Extreme Slalom Competition

Extreme Slalom:
We will be exhibiting the Extreme slalom on each race weekend (Sunday) and all competitors must attend an orientation (once off) conducted by PWS prior to the event.

If you are intending to compete in the Extreme Slalom, then you must nominate your interest when making your entry for the Canoe Slalom.

You can either use the provided boats (limited) or bring your own extreme slalom boat, if it meets the ICF criteria which is outlined here in the pdf at the bottom of the page.

There will be no time trials held at the events and the extreme slalom start list will be formed from the results of the Canoe Slalom event from Saturday’s racing.

Entry Fees:
Entry fee will include Extreme Slalom
All three event weekends $120
One event weekend $50

The online system will allow you to purchase a ticket for all three weekends which is at a discounted price or purchase tickets for each individual weekend.


Due to the state border closures remaining highly unpredictable, a refund will be offered if you cannot attend the event. However, in order to receive your refund, you must notify the event organisers by the closing date for that event, which is the Wednesday prior to the event weekend.

Closing Dates:
Entries will close on the Wednesday prior to the event weekend and no late entries will be accepted.

Contact Details:
Jill Bassett
Sara Latham

Media Release  

Extreme Slalom Boats:

Click to access icf_extreme_canoe_slalom_registered_boat_list_sept_2019.pdf