‘Move It Aus’ is an initiative from Sport Australia to encourage inactive Australians to become more active, more often. Paddle Australia has received support from Sport Australia under the ‘Move It Aus’ initiative to deliver the Paddle Oz program to high school aged children from rural and remote areas. Paddle Oz will introduce participants to the sport of paddling, providing education on basic water safety and paddling techniques, while also offering opportunities for participants to continue paddling at the conclusion of the program.


Paddle Oz is Paddle Australia’s national participation program. With the support of Sport Australia’s ‘Move It Aus’ initiative, Paddle Oz will be offered as a free paddling program, consisting of 4 x 1-hour sessions.

Two different programs are available under Paddle Oz: Paddle Discovery or Paddle Ball. More information on these programs is detailed below.

Paddle Discovery

The Paddle Discovery program is designed for participants to learn the basic skills of paddling in an experiential manner through a range of games and activities. Basic instruction may be required to consolidate learning from the games and activities. Very basic craft handling and safety skills should be achieved by the completion of this level. The program can be delivered in a swimming pool and is suitable for all ages of children.

Paddle Ball

The Paddle Ball program is designed for participants to learn the basic skills of paddling in an experiential manner to enable them to develop skills and knowledge to participate in the team sport of Paddle Ball. Very basic craft handling, safety skills and rules of the game should be achieved by the completion of this level.

For more information on the ‘Move It Aus’ Funding or what exciting paddling opportunities Paddle Australia can offer you, please contact your local State Paddle Association:

PaddleWA: | 08 92858501

PaddleSA: | 0408 390 211

PaddleVic: | 0488 366 116

PaddleNSW: | (02) 8736 1254

PaddleQLD: | 0414 960 728

PaddleTAS: | 0497 656 710

Please click here  to download and view the Move it Aus Schools information booklet for Paddle Oz

There are several resources available that will help in the delivery of the Paddle Oz program, these include:

Paddle Oz app/webpage: This resource contains not only information about the program, but sample program plans and load of games and activities that you can use with your group.

Paddle Australia Safety Guidelines:These guidelines provide the minimum requirements for the safe conduct of Recreational Paddling activities. This document gives a guideline to help operate a safe fun paddling activity. All Leaders are responsible to ensure that they undertake a thorough risk assessment prior to activities to ensure that additional requirements are considered and if required undertaken.

Games and Activities: This is a booklet with a variety of games and activity that can be played with your group

Program information booklet : This booklet contains further information on the program, equipment required, risk management, sample lesson plans an more

Funding Application Form :Application form to apply for funding to run a Move it Aus program.

Promotion Poster : Editable poster that can be used to promote your program

Risk management template

Survey Ethic info

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