New Paddle Australia Policies Related to the National Integrity Framework

The National Integrity Framework (NIF) has been endorsed by all the State Paddle Associations of Paddle Australia. To address matters that fall outside the NIF Framework, Paddle Australia has worked with the National Sports Tribunal to develop a series of Policies that are complimentary to the NIF and address issues that individuals and paddle organisations and find themselves dealing with from time to time.

Code of Behaviour Policy

This new PA policy aligns with the structure and language of the NIF and other policies to provide consistency across the policy suite. The Conduct and Disciplinary Policy applies to any alleged Prohibited Conduct under the Code of Conduct. Conduct that is captured as Prohibited Conduct under the NIF will be dealt with in accordance with the NIF.

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Conduct and Disciplinary Policy

A dispute resolution policy to cater for disciplinary disputes arising from Code of Conduct, sport specific policies, and other non-NIF policies that a paddle organisation may have adopted, such as social media, illicit drugs, eligibility, parents and entourage, supplements, and river/lake siding.

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Review and Appeals Policy

Intended to be a catch-all dispute resolution mechanism for non-disciplinary disputes, arising out of sport policies which do not have a dispute resolution mechanism attached, including those arising out of former MPP policy position statements and sport specific policies

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Personal Grievances Policy

Seeks to establish a formal process for Relevant Persons and Relevant Organisations engaging with sport to resolve interpersonal conflicts and disputes that arise in the context of their involvement in sport, but do not involve a breach of an Integrity Policy or other PA policy.

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