The Paddle Support Package

Paddle Australia and the State Paddle Associations are very aware of the impact COVID-19 is having on Clubs and paddlers.

We know it is a time of uncertainty and we recognise some people are really doing it tough.

So, to help everyone through this time, we are pleased to announce the Paddle Support Package.

This important initiative is for you, our community.

Key elements of the Paddle Support Package

25% discount on 2020/21 State and Paddle Australia fees for Club members

Paddle Australia and your State Paddle Association are helping to lighten the load a little by offering a 25% discount on the Paddle Australia and State components of your 2020/21 Club membership.

This discount is provided on memberships of Clubs who offer online payments via the Paddle Australia Membership and Events Portal* . For these clubs, the discount will be automatically applied at checkout to all new and renewed memberships purchased between 1 June and 31 December 2020 through the Paddle Australia Membership and Events Portal.

It’s easy. Click here now to join one of our great clubs! Or for existing members, once you are one month from your renewal date, click here to renew your membership.

If you need any assistance accessing the Paddle Australia Membership and Events Portal, please check out the helpful Member Support Guides or email

Establishment of the Paddle On Foundation

The Paddle On Foundation has been established to help those in need keep paddling and remain members of their Club… or become a new member of one of our great Clubs!

If you – as an existing or prospective Club member – have been adversely impacted by COVID-19 and paying for your Club membership is causing undue financial pressure, we want you to be able to keep paddling on. Click here (or the button below) to complete the simple application form to request to have your 2020/21 Paddle Australia, State and Club membership paid by The Paddle On Foundation.

Paddle Australia will review all applications and liaise with the relevant State Paddle Association and Club as required. Applicants will be contacted within 3 business days. The Paddle On Foundation will pay all or part of the 2020/21 Paddle Australia, State Paddle Association and Club membership fee subject to review of each application.

Help a fellow paddler keep their head above water

Some of us have fared OK through the COVID period. If this is you, you have the opportunity to support your fellow paddlers by making a tax-deductible donation to The Paddle On Foundation. It’s times like now that the great sense of community we have in our united paddling community really comes to the fore.
If you are in a position to do so, please give what you can to help others – we greatly appreciate your donation.

There are two ways you can donate to the Paddle On Foundation:

  1. Donate now via The Paddle On Foundation Donation Page (or click the button below). Take advantage of the end of financial year tax benefits by making your tax-free donation prior to 30 June 2020
  2. At the time of purchasing or renewing your membership via the Paddle Australia Membership & Events Portal, you will be given the opportunity add a donation on to your membership payment. You will have the option to donate back the amount of your 25% discount or select another tax-free donation amount (donations over $2 are tax deductible)

‘Add-on donations’ as part of your membership purchase are also tax deductible. You will receive your receipt via email from the Australian Sports Foundation within 3 weeks of making your payment via the Paddle Australia Membership & Events Portal.

Paddle Australia is pleased to announce that we will be donating $10,000 to The Paddle On Foundation to help provide direct support to any existing or prospective Club members affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, once the impacts of the pandemic are behind us, the Foundation will continue to support members of our community in different ways.

Free member access to the new online Introduction to Coaching course

Paddle Australia and our State Paddle Associations are pleased to launch the new online Introduction to Coaching course. Being a coach gives you more opportunity to share your experience with new paddlers, be more involved in your Club’s activities and pursue new challenges of your own.

You’ve possibly got a little more time on your hands while you’re at home at the moment. It’s a great opportunity to do the online course so you can be ready to contribute even more to your Club and the paddling community when everyone is back on the water and Clubs re-open.

As part of the Paddle Support Package, all Club members can access the Introduction to Coaching course for free if you register between now and 31 July 2020. After this date you can gain further information on the ITC program here

Additionally, if all three of the course requirements are completed and submitted by
30 September 2020, Club members will be given 12 months free registration as an Introductory Coach

A three-month extension for all current Paddle Australia qualification holders

In recognition of the fact that, due to the current restrictions, formal paddle education is not possible and many are unable to use their qualifications, Paddle Australia and our State Paddle Associations are happy to announce the period of accreditation for all qualification holders will be extended by three months.

There is nothing you need to do to take advantage of this extension – your qualification has been automatically updated and the renewal date for any qualification(s) you hold has been put back three months.

If you’d like to download a copy of your new certificate with the amended end date, you can log in to your account in the education system. In Paddle Log, simply click ‘refresh qualifications’ for your new expiry date to load.

For further information click here

* Please note: Standard 2020/21 Paddle Australia / State Paddle Association membership fees will apply on memberships purchased by members of Clubs who do not offer online payments for Paddle Australia & State Paddle Association memberships via The Paddle Australia Membership & Events Portal [GoMembership]. Standard membership fees will also apply on all 2020/21 Direct Paddle Australia memberships.