Paddle Australia recommend you continue to make yourself aware of information in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The following links source information provided by the Australian Government & Sport bodies for their advice on ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19)’.

Coronavirus News from PA

Update 3 – 27th March 2020 – Paddling Restrictions, Closures & Event Cancellations

1 Background 1.1 The restrictions and recommendations being put in place by the different levels of government are changing rapidly in an effort to mitigate...

Update 2 – 19th March 2020 – PA Guidance to Paddlers and Paddle Clubs

1 Background 1.1 As you are all aware, the attempts to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia and globally mean we are...

Update 1 – 16th March 2020 – Postponement of PA Championships and Other Information

COVID-19, Postponement of PA Championships and other information – UPDATE 1 Paddle Australia (PA) is keenly aware of the community concern and disruption relating to...

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)

International Canoe Federation (ICF)

Smart Traveller

Department of Health

World Health Organisation