Paddle Australia recommend you continue to make yourself aware of information in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The following links source information provided by the Australian Government & Sport bodies for their advice on ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19)’.

Coronavirus News from PA

With You On the Water – Paddlers Welcome Paddle Support Package

The Paddle Support Package launched by Paddle Australia and its six State Paddle Associations in May has been warmly embraced by the paddling community...

Return to Paddling – Infographic Posters

Paddle Australia has put together posters with some tips on how to return to paddling for different types of paddlers, including: Recreational Paddlers Paddle...

Update 6 – 15th May 2020 – Guidelines for Paddle Clubs

1 Introduction 1.1 Minimising the risks of COVID-19 has been an immense challenge, requiring all levels of government to move quickly and frequently. The messaging...

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)

International Canoe Federation (ICF)

Smart Traveller

Department of Health

World Health Organisation