George Varcoe

George Varcoe was one of Australian Canoeing’s founding fathers. George was the inaugural President holding the role from 1949 – 1952. George was then President again in 1955 – 1956 and 1961 – 1964. He then became Vice-President of the Australian Canoe Federation from 1953 -1954, he also held this position another two times from 1957 – 1960 and then 1965 – 1967. During 1965 – 1966, George was the Honour Secretary and Treasurer. George was on the Australian Canoe Federation Board for a total of 19 years!

In 1958, George was elected to the International Canoe Federations (ICF) Board of management, he was the first Australian representative on the Board.

George and Ross Chenoweth with a few other members during the inaugural Victoria Canoe Association meeting in 1949, established the canoe racing rules for Australia.

George during the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games held many positions with the organisation of the Games and the Australian Canoe Team. His roles during the 1956 Olympics included competition organiser, competition official and the Australian Canoe team manager. After the games, George attended Australian Canoe Championships and was Chief Official at the events for many years.

In 1971 George Varcoe was awarded with life membership of the Australian Canoe Federation.