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Australian Canoeing Online is the most comprehensive and up-to-date Canoeing website in Australia.

Australian Canoeing receive close to 12,000 unique visitors from over 80 countries with 843 referring web sites each month!

Advertising with Australian Canoeing is targeted internet marketing. Your products and services are promoted to visitors of AC Online and our members.

Advertising Options

  1. Newsletter Advertising in AC’s E-News is Now Available!
    Australian Canoeing’s E-News is sent to over 10,000 members and subscribers around the globe!
  2. Banner Advertising is available on AC Online –
    Australian Canoeing offers 3 months (approx. 12,000 unique visitors in that time) for AUD$225.00! Advertisements are kept to a minimum and at this stage displayed permanently on the index page only for the period of the advertisement.

Advertising in this exciting service is available as outlined below:

E-News Section
Advertisement Type / Placement
Price (AUD$) – ex. GST.
Major Sponsor of edition of E-news
Approx 750 x 200 pixels with link to advertiser’s website.
$200 for 4 issues.
Commercial Non AC member ad in the Classifieds  Displayed in the Classifieds.  $20 per ad
Promoted story in E-News of the week
Approx 150 x 150 pixels with link to story with promotional text and advertiser’s website.
$50 per issue.
Other display of logos on E-News
From $80 for 4 issues.
Job Vacancy Ad
Displayed in E-News.
$25 for 1 issue or $75 for 4 issues

Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising is available on Australian Canoeing Online.

Each banner is displayed on Australian Canoeing for AUD$90 for one month (approx. 12,000 unique visitors per month), AUD$255.00 for three months or AUD$865 for twelve months.

Banner Specifications.

  • 960 x 150 pixels
  • Design subject to approval by Australian Canoeing.

# Please note you are required to provide the artwork.

Classified Services

If you are an Australian Canoeing member you may advertise for free using our Classifieds section here

Support the Canoeing Industry!

By advertising with Australian Canoeing you are supporting the Canoeing industry.

Australian Canoeing is the national body responsible for the management, coordination, development and promotion of paddle sports in Australia. It represents the interests of its members to government, the public and the International Canoe Federation.

Australian Canoeing provides a National leadership and a national framework for harassing the energies of the many canoeing people and organisations throughout Australia with the aim of building the business of canoeing for the benefit of all.

We believe Australian Canoeing Online is the most comprehensive and up-to-date Canoeing site in Australia – if not the World – the site provides information on Canoeing products and services, and keeps visitors informed of the happenings in the paddling world.

All advertising proceeds go directly towards promoting Canoeing as we develop these services.

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*All prices are GST exclusive