Paddle Australia unveils plans for Canoe Slalom All States Camp Program in 2022

Paddle Australia is pleased to unveil the plans for the Canoe Slalom All States Camp Program in 2022.

The Canoe Slalom All States program will be supported by Paddle Australia to continue the development of the Canoe Slalom paddlers and the sport of Canoe Slalom across Australia.

Paddle Australia’s Canoe Slalom Technical Committee will support the program to have a national focus and the camps will be delivered in by volunteers in local slalom clubs.

Canoe Slalom has a long history in Australia with a very successful High-Performance Program with a strong history of delivering success on the international stage. 

The grassroots community of Canoe Slalom has struggled in recent years to grow or maintain a healthy level of community activity. The All-States Program will aim fill this gap by creating more canoe slalom activity at the community level on a national basis.

The All-States Program camps are Whitewater focused camps with the aim to deliver slalom development programs, for all levels of canoe slalom paddlers. 

The program is run by the sport through volunteers from slalom clubs across Australia with the support of Paddle Australia’s Canoe Slalom Technical Committee (PACSLTC). The committee will facilitate the program to provide opportunities for paddlers, coaches, officials, and parents within Canoe Slalom across Australia. 

In 2022 All States will run camps at Penrith in NSW, at Brady’s Lake, on the Mersey River in Tasmania and on the Goulburn River in Victoria. 

The camps will be aiming at three levels to accommodate the development of the Canoe Slalom paddler. 

The three levels are:

  1. Introductory camps
  2. Development Camps
  3. Race Camps

In 2022 the host clubs will be the Western Sydney Whitewater Club (WSWC), Melbourne Canoe Club (MCC) and the Derwent Canoe Club (DCC) for camps run in those states. 

Any club is welcome to run an All-States Camp provided they support the philosophy of the All-States Program.

All camps will have some specific coach development and paddler connection activity. This may take the form of mentoring or reflection for coaches, forum discussions with parents, updating for officials and a social BBQ for all. 

The connections established in the coaching groups are also important to the All-States program.

Club paddlers of all ages are welcome to attend the All-States camps, once you have a strong live roll and adequate Whitewater skills.

Overall, the All-States Program is aiming to strengthen the connections in the Canoe Slalom community by bringing paddlers and their families together, and where possible at camp events that are separate to major competitions.

The All-States program is a self-funded program, so it will be run on a user pays principal. 

The coaches on the Introduction and Development level camps will be volunteering their time and so any fee to attend these camps will be used to cover small incidental costs of running the camps.  All camps will be run on a cost recovery basis.

Volunteering is an important component of any healthy and thriving sport and the All-States program will utilise volunteers to administer, lead and coach on the camps. 

Furthermore, the camps will encourage all attending paddlers to volunteer their time on the camps and within their clubs.

For more details of the All States program please contact Peter Eckhardt on behalf of the Paddle Australia Canoe Slalom Technical Committee.


Camp 1:

Date: 18th  – 20th April Location: Brady’s Lake, Tasmania

Camp Level: Development and Introduction Camp 


Camp 2:

Date: 11th – 13th June Location: Penrith Whitewater Stadium, NSW

Camp Level: Development and Introduction Camp 


Camp 3:

Date: 1st – 2nd October Location: Penrith Whitewater Stadium, NSW

Camp Level: Development and Introduction Camp 



All registrations are through Western Sydney Whitewater Club

To register for the camps please click HERE

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