Bernadette Wallace selected for AIS Elevate Coach Program

Bernadette Wallace in action in Women's C1 (credit: Carolyn Cooper)

Tokyo Olympian Bernadette Wallace has been selected as one of 16 coaches to take part in this year’s AIS Elevate Coach Program, which focuses on professional development for Performance Pathways coaches.

The program for 2022 began with a three-day workshop in Coolangatta last weekend, held in collaboration with the La Trobe University and the University of Sydney.

The coaches will now engage in a 20-week online program, before coming back together at the AIS to share insights and how they have put the theory of the course into practice.

The AIS Elevate Coach Program is specifically designed to support coaches to identify, support, develop and progress Emerging, Developing and Podium Potential athletes to future podium success.

The learning outcomes are tailored to each individual coach – focusing on self, values, coaching philosophy, building and maintaining effective relationships, performance pathway coaching and holistic athlete development. This year was the first time a residential component was added to the program, designed to kick start the learning and development as a group.

Congratulations to the 2022 AIS Elevate Coach Participants:

  • Bernadette Wallace, Paddle Australia
  • David Beard, Volleyball Australia
  • Ying (Maggie) Meng, Table Tennis Australia
  • Sarah Fuller, Archery Australia
  • Leanne Choo, Badminton Australia
  • Scott Arnold, Modern Pentathalon
  • Danielle Stefano, Triathlon Australia
  • Traks Gordon, Australian Sailing
  • Andrew Barnett, Equestrian Australia
  • Nathan McMahon, Rugby Australia
  • Ji McBryde, Golf Australia
  • Michael Pang, Australian Weightlifting Foundation
  • Matthew Wells, Hockey Australia
  • Anita Keelan, Netball Australia
  • Adam Rindfleish, Softball Australia
  • Glen LeBeau, Athletics Australia

Program staff:

  • AIS – Dr Graham Turner, Bill Davoren, Jamie Salter, Emma Murtagh
  • University of Sydney – Prof Donna O’Connor, Assoc. Prof Wayne Cotton
  • La Trobe University – Dr Alex Roberts, Maris Lidums, Kate Perry, Dr Minh Huynh
  • West Coast Eagles – Glenn Stewart
    Swimming Australia – Janelle Pallister
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