2021-2024 Canoe Slalom Categorisation and National Squad Programs

Paddle Australia (PA) is pleased to present the Canoe Slalom Athlete Categorisation Framework for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games Cycle. 

The Tokyo Olympic Canoe Slalom Team returned home with one gold and one bronze medal, with all three athletes making the Olympic final in their respective discipline. 

With the Paris 2024 Olympics on the horizon, the focus of the Australian Canoe Slalom program will continue to focus on achieving international success, as well as developing the next generation of athletes for beyond 2024. 

The PA Canoe Slalom Athlete Categorisation Framework has been developed in line with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Athlete Categorisation Framework, which aims to identify, track and prioritise athletes at each stage of the performance pathway.

The PA Canoe Slalom Athlete Categorisation Framework outlines the five categorisation levels recognised by the AIS in determining the prioritisation of resources. 

Importantly, athletes identified within the performance pathway through categorisation must demonstrate the potential to contribute to future medal success at international representative level.

From late 2021, PA will utilise Canoe Slalom Athlete Categorisation Framework to inform the  National Squad selection process. 

Throughout the Paris Olympic Games cycle, information regarding the Canoe Slalom National Squads will exist within the performance pathway and these details can be found  on the PA website: click here

Paddle Australia also recognises the impacts that have been felt right across the canoe slalom community in the past 12 months.

To support the development of canoe slalom paddlers in both the participation & performance pathway, PA has been working closely with the PA Canoe Slalom Technical Committee (PACSLTC) to create and implement a Canoe Slalom Recovery Plan to offer Whitewater access, training, competition, and coaching opportunities. Details about the Canoe Slalom Recovery Plan are available on the PA website: click here   

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