2021 PA Canoe Sprint Championships – Newsletter 6


30 April 2021

Dear Canoe Sprint Community,

Last week Paddle Australia (PA) announced the 2021 Canoe Sprint Championships (Sprint Championships) will now be held at West Lakes, Adelaide SA. The reasons behind the difficult decision to move from Sydney to Adelaide are outlined in Newsletter 5 published on Monday 26 April. To view please click HERE

We are extremely fortunate that the West Lakes venue in Adelaide is an excellent canoe sprint facility that is available to host this PA major national event – the Sprint Championships.

There is also a team of expert local officials and staff on the ground who are very experienced in running sprint paddling events. In addition, the start gate system will be shipped from SIRC in Sydney to West Lakes in Adelaide to ensure we have the highest standards for racing.

The Sprint Championships will also double as the last hit out on home soil for the Australian Canoe/Kayak Sprint team, before they head to Tokyo for the Olympic Games in July.

There is an event specific web page on the PA website with all the relevant information about the 2021 Sprint Championships including previous newsletters, the race program, updates and so on. To view please click HERE

PA are committed to providing opportunities for everyone at the 2021 Sprint Championships and we cannot wait to see you at the stunning West Lakes venue in just a few weeks’ time.



West Lakes – Extended Venue


West Lakes – Main Hub



For the latest draft program please click HERE



Entries are now open. To enter please click HERE



Please see  below for some options to consider for accommodation near West Lakes shores, the venue for the 2021 Sprint Championships.

Discovery Holiday Park Semaphore – click HERE

West Beach Parks – click HERE

Air BnB near West Lakes – click HERE



We need YOU!! PA needs as many hands on deck as possible, especially with the relocation of the event, so that we can provide the best Sprint Championships to date at West Lakes in Adelaide SA.

Registrations will be in 3 teams of volunteers including:

  1. Spectator,
  2. Event and
  3. Paddle Specific -Officials.

Everyone must complete registration to be a volunteer/official at the event. To register your interest please click HERE

We have a new volunteer event shirt made by 776BC which will be provided to those people who volunteer for one or more days of the event. In addition, event volunteers will be provided with food and drinks when working.

It is also National Volunteer Week in Australia from 17-23 May. We will have a function to say thank you to our PA volunteers during the event. Further details to come.

PA has also catered for the fact some people who wish to volunteer may be attending the Sprint Championships because they have a family member or friend participating. If this is the case, you can detail this in your registration and we will ensure we do not schedule you with a role at the time you need to be watching a race.

Please see the guide for reference in taking out volunteer registration in GoMembership.



Sports Integrity Australia (SIA) is likely to conduct drug testing at the 2021 Sprint Championships. It is the responsibility of each competitor to know and understand their responsibility in regard to anti-doping.

Competitors and coaches are urged to take note of the current SIA regulations in respect of banned substances for therapeutic use and act accordingly in achieving exemptions as required – Sport Integrity Australia – Check your Substances on Global DRO

Athletes and Coaches are advised that WADA has recently released the 2021 Prohibited List, which came into effect on 1 January 2021. The new list can be viewed here – World Anti-Doping Agency – What is Prohibited

Finally, SIA have updated their online education platform for anti-doping. We strongly encourage coaches, athletes, parents and support staff to undertake the online courses available. They can be found here –Sport Integrity Australia – Education

Note the ‘Sport Integrity App’ is free to download from your app store on your phone.



The safety of our Sprint Community is our highest priority. Therefore, PA recommend you continue to make yourself aware of information in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19). The following links go to information provided by the Australian Government, Sports bodies and State and Territory governments.

Please click HERE for general COVID-19 information.



What impact will Domestic Border Closures have on the 2021 Sprint Championships?

PA will continue to monitor all border closures and evaluate the ability to access the Championships for all involved. The decision has been made to proceed with the staging of the event in SA, with consideration given to Federal and State Government guidance around the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

If my State/Territory is identified as a hot spot within 14 days of the Sprint Championships and SA closes its borders to us, will the Sprint Championships proceed?

The event will proceed however, paddlers from all States and Territories must be able to participate for the event to retain National Championships status. This means that if paddlers from one State or Territory are restricted from participating, whether due to travel or other local restrictions, then National Championship status will be revoked.

If you have been within an identified hot spot, at the time of possible transmission, will I be permitted to attend the Sprint Championships?

Based on current advice, any person identified from a hot spot in Australia, within 14 days of the 2021 Sprint Championships and advised by their relevant State Government to self-isolate, will not be permitted to travel/attend. This will include any hots spots that are identified within SA during the days of competition. It should also be noted, that while a person’s home State/Territory Government may not require them to self-isolate, the SA Government may identify your location as a hotspot and therefore you may not be able to travel to the event.

If I make an entry for the 2021 Sprint Championships and I am unable to attend due to travel restrictions, will I get a refund?

Yes, upon providing supporting documentation (if required).

What is the advice on booking travel?

PA strongly advises all attendees to only book refundable travel arrangements where possible.

Will PA cover my costs if I am forced to quarantine upon arrival into SA for the event or upon my return to my home State or Territory after the 2021 Sprint Championships?

PA will not cover any costs incurred by any individual in relation to quarantine or self-isolation that is required in relation to attendance at the Sprint Championships.



For the very first time, you can not only support our Paddle Australia Olympic Team (AOT) athletes competing at the Tokyo 2020(1) Olympics, but you can become part of our Olympic family.

The Australian Olympic Committee in conjunction with Paddle Australia is offering a range of Tokyo supporter merchandise specific to the disciplines of sprint and slalom paddling. To view and/or purchase the AOT merchandise please go to the website AOC Canoe Supporters Range.

If you would like to have your AOT official merchandise sent to the Sprint Championships for collection you will need to order by no later than Monday 3 May. For collection at the Sprint Championships all you need to do is when your items are in the shopping cart, please enter the delivery address as follows:

Paddle Australia 2021 Sprint Championships
C/O Lucy Warhurst
Roof Rack City
37 Gilbert Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Alternatively, you can have your AOT official merchandise sent to your home and orders will be taken up to Friday 9 July only 2 weeks prior to the start of the Tokyo Olympics on Friday 23 July 2021. Order now so you don’t miss out.



There will be space at the West Lakes venue to set up marquees for your teams (see site map above). If you are sending containers to Adelaide for the 2021 Sprint Championships PA encourage you to put such equipment in the container for transport to the venue. If your marque has walls we recommend you bring them to erect to protect participants from the wind. It is best to prepare for all weather at the event. Chairs are also a great asset for the Sprint Championships worth considering.



Beyond the Break (BTB) Consulting will be managing the media and communications for this event. Have you got any good stories? Please contact BTB staff on email phoebe.maher@btbconsulting.com.au

NATIONAL TEAMS AND SQUAD SELECTIONS – further information on selection policies click HERE


As mentioned in previous Newsletters if you have any ideas on how to do the Canoe Sprint Championships even better, please let me know. Feedback can be emailed to sprint@paddle.org.au


Lucy Warhurst

Event Director
2021 PA Canoe Sprint Championships

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