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The Paddle On Foundation

The way our Club members embraced the Paddle On Foundation was a real highlight in 2020. Through the generosity of over 1,000 club members, the Foundation has already helped 57 paddlers who were adversely impacted by COVID-19 to become or remain a member of one of our great Clubs.

With the ripple effect of the financial impact of COVID-19 set to continue, and potentially heighten in the coming months, if you are still navigating rough waters and paying for membership is causing undue financial pressure now, or when your time to renew comes around, please remember that the Paddle On Foundation is still here to provide assistance in 2021. Applying is simple – please complete this online application form or access it via the Paddle Australia website.

Check out our new video about the Paddle On Foundation. Our thanks to our Olympian Jess Fox for donating her time to help promote the Foundation.

Please also note that the option to donate to the Paddle On Foundation at the time of membership purchase has been reinstated in GoMembership so you can continue to donate to help a fellow paddler in need.

Growth in Membership Numbers through a global pandemic!
Another great news story to emerge out of the tough backdrop of COVID-19 is the retention and growth that we’ve experienced in membership numbers. At a time when many other sports have struggled, in part due to the Paddle Support Package, but primarily due to the passion and loyalty of our Club members, and the ongoing lure of paddling throughout, and out the back of lockdown, national membership have grown when compared to our 2019/20 membership figures.

This is a real testament to our great sport and recreational activity! And to our great Clubs of course!